How OSI Group Helped Build America

OSI was originally a family owned meat deli located in the suburbs of Chicago. From Aurora, Illinois the founder of that meat deli, Otto Kolschowsky, worked with his two sons to make the business into something bigger. Their ambition paid off and eventually OSI turned itself into one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. Across the world you can find people enjoying meat products supplied by the processing plants of OSI Group.

Fresh Meat For Everyone

Thanks to the proliferation of American fast food, OSI Group enjoys business on a global scale. Whenever companies like Mcdonald’s and Subway are in need of fresh meat, they turn to OSI Group to supply them. OSI Group’s success stems from its early and extensive use of cryogenics to preserve meat. At a time when most meat processors needed to constantly supply fresh meat, this made the company an attractive business partner for fast food franchises. Outside of meat OSI Group also supplies its clients with frozen vegetables and dough. That versatility is exactly why OSI Group is as successful as it is.

A Reputation For Excellence

OSI Group has a reputation for excellence and has received awards for its quality. Currently, the corporation is one of the 100 largest privately owned businesses. It generates billions in revenue and supplies jobs to thousands of hard working Americans. The meat processing industry is one of the most important challenging parts of the American economy. It isn’t easy to build a successful business, but OSI Group has managed to stay in business over the course of decades. In fact, it is now nearing 110 years of providing the world with quality meat. There simply is no comparison with anyone else in the meat industry.

Putting Workers First

OSI Group wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t care for its workers. The safety and well being of the hard workers responsible for making OSI Group tick is exactly why the company has prospered for so many years. The standards and caution OSI Group takes has even won the company awards for safety. Last year, it received the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. The key to success for any large company is to always remember the people who helped you reach the top. At OSI Group, that lesson is still remembered.

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Securus Technologies And How They Help Christmas

How Securus Technologies Helps Families During The Holidays

When a loved one spends time behind bars, bear in mind that the whole family serves the sentence with them. In a recent video, a little boy gets to talk to his incarcerated father on Christmas morning and even watch him on video so that he can open presents in front of him. This little boy seemed so over the moon with the presents he was receiving and the fact that he got to spend time with his dad on Christmas in some form or fashion.


This is made possible through the help of Securus Technologies, a company that has taken technology to the next level by bridging the gap between inmates and families.


What does Securus Technologies Provide?


This company has come out with a video communication platform that allows inmates to speak with their relatives. This is a great way to bridge the gap between those serving time and their loved ones. Since it is the holiday season, you can see how this is excellent when it comes to putting a smile on a child’s face.


In former times, the best you could do is a phone call which is expensive potentially by the minute. This company has created technology that many prison institutions have jumped on to allow family members to enjoy the holidays together. This way, the child does not have to worry about going through the process of prison visitation just to see their loved one. Instead, they will be able to jump on a video chat with no problem. This will allow them to have a smile on their face just like the little boy in the video.


This helps family save money as well, because sometimes the loved one is incarcerated several miles away and it may not be in easy trip to take. Since Christmas morning can be a hectic time, it allows people to kill two birds with one stone and simply share Christmas with their loved one in a simpler way. By enjoying the technology offered by this company, you and your loved one will be able to spend time together on Christmas morning. This is an excellent way for people to truly enjoy themselves and will make it easier for people to make the time spent behind bars go by quicker, while still fostering relationships on the outside throughout the entire time.


How Wen by Chaz Can Help Define Your Hair

Your hair says a lot about you. The way it is cut and the way it is styled show off a lot about your personality and who you are overall. Our hair can also determine our mood. If we are having a bad hair day, our mood may suffer. The opposite is also true. If we are having a good hair day, we are likely to be in a great mood all day. To help our hair be the best it can be, we need to use the best hair care products. One of the best products out there for our hair is a cleansing conditioner.

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that is changing the way we handle our hair. It is a product that was created by Chaz Dean with all hair types in mind. There is only one bottle needed to use this product and the result of using this product is phenomenal. Chaz Dean works with many celebrities as his clients and he uses his products on those clients.

Another advantage to using a cleansing conditioner is that the product is made from all-natural ingredients. There are no harsh ingredients to strip the hair of its natural oils or to damage the hair in any way. This product will have the opposite result. Hair will be helped and will be left in a healthier state.

When you want your hair to look the best, you need to use the best products. Wen by Chaz is a product that was created for everyone using the best all natural ingredients. More and more people are using these products and are having excellent results. Their hair has never looked better and that has been improving moods and making better hair days everywhere.

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The Davos CAP Calculator – Gives Clearer Financial Vision to real Estate Investors

If you are in real estate business, it is important to know its returns before you invest in one. These days you can get this right from the comfort of your living room thanks to the Davos CAP Calculator that was recently launched by the Davos Real Estate Group (REG).


Davos Financial Group is a famous international financial group based in Latin America offering comprehensive financial advice for the past two decades now. It has several independent branches whereby Davos Real Estate Group is one of them. The business formulates investment strategies that meet the expectations and needs of her clients.


The company strives to offer high-quality service through its experienced professional and specialized team on the ground, which is also licensed to offer their services.

Over the past six months, Davos REG executive director Mr. Gerard Gonzales has been working with Tecknolution, an IT company on the design and development of the said App.


The Application lets one estimate the gains of the investment property whenever the expenses connected with the properties are determined. Today, anyone with an iPhone or android device can comfortably use the application. This, however, is only the beginning, and moving forward, more applications advanced applications are expected to set in.


On his part, David Osio who is the current chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group said the direction of the company in line with their business objective has pushed them to develop the application which will now financially guide their clients on investing in real estate across the US. The application will give clients a clearer financial vision whenever they want to purchase a property, Gonzalez added.


The calculator also integrates a Mortgage Calculator, which essentially helps clients to estimate their mortgage based on bank projections, period of funding, and associated interest rates. Recently, Davos Financial Group has been interested in developing partnerships with abroad agents expanding their services to Europe and developing the Davos CAP Calculator.


About David Osio

Currently, David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group. Prior, he was the Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International in Miami for 4 years up to 1993. While there, his roles were to supervise the management of all corporate departments, define market strategies, and managing customers’ acquisition. His unwavering efforts saw the company attain a stronger international position.


He was also the Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela where it is believed he gained his leadership experience. He went to Universidad Católica Andrés Bello where he got his degree in 1988 with honors in law. He further proceeded to Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrative and New York Financial Institute for additional training. His interests include philanthropy and music as he is a member of Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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Sam Boraie Is More Than A Real Estate Developer

Northern New Jersey sits in the shadow of New York City. Many of the people that work in New York live in New Jersey. But for years, cities like Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City, and New Brunswick were considered uninhabitable. Crime and poverty turned those cities into third-world wrecks that offering nothing and cost millions to support. New Brunswick, New Jersey has always been considered a diamond in the rough, but developers and real estate professionals stayed away from the devastation. No one saw the opportunities that existed in New Brunswick even though the city was the headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest family-run corporations in the United States. New Brunswick is also the home of Rutgers University. Rutgers was founded in New Brunswick in the late 1600s.

But one developer knew what New Brunswick had to offer when the downtown area looked like a bombed Middle Eastern city. That man is Sam Boraie. Boraie Development LLC started buying vacant properties in downtown New Brunswick in the early 1970s. The Boraie mission was to rescue New Brunswick from the poverty and crime that destroyed downtown.

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Boraie Development’s first project was the 250,000 square foot office building called Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Albany Street Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1980s, and it was a real work of art. Businesses started renting space from the Boraie management company, and it was game on for Sam Boraie. Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was completed in 2003. That office building was another hit for Boraie. New Brunswick was waking up from a three-decade sleep and Boraie Development was the prime motivator. Boraie decided to build the One Spring Street Condominium building so people could live downtown. Thanks to Boraie, modern retail space was available. The city helped promote downtown living, so Boraie thought a New York-style luxury condo building would work. The Aspire Building was Sam Boraie’s idea of a luxury high-rise that professional would enjoy, and he was right.

New Brunswick is thriving thanks to Sam Boraie and others, but Sam didn’t just focus on his home city. Sam Boraie did work in Newark with the basketball star, Shaq O’Neil. The One Riverview Building is the project that brought New Yorkers over to Newark to live. Boraie also developed parts of Atlantic City. Atlantic City is another New Jersey city that has been up and down over the last three decades.

But Sam Boraie is also involved in a project that helps feed the needy. Boraie is on the board of the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the homeless with a café, a soup kitchen, and a catering service. Sam is also on the Advisory Board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater is considered a cultural landmark in New Brunswick. The State Theater’s educational programs help more than 30,000 students every year. Sam Boraie is one of the people that supports the programs offered by the State Theater through his generous contributions. Boraie is considered a State Theater sustaining partner.

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Vegan Herbal Cleanse Provided By


The fact is that using herbs to remove toxins out of the body is not something that is new. People have been using herbs to cleanse the body for centuries. They would wander out into the wilderness in ancient times, searching for just the right herbal combination to bring about the desired results. Today, people do not have to trek out in the wilderness to find the right herbal combination. They are simply turning to the cleansing method that is receiving a large amount of positive reviews. Bloggers across the Internet are sharing their thoughts on this new herbal cleanse too.

Dherbs Detox is a 20 day detox program that has been tried and tested by millions of people across the country. Of course, people use the herb cleanse for various reasons. Some use the herbal mix to simply detox the body and to feel better. Others use it to boost their immune system, while others think it is the perfect way to lose weight and feel great about themselves. Others report that the cleansing method actually boost their energy level and they have more energy than they ever imagined possible. People are losing weight and gaining more self confidence too.

This is a popular herbal cleanse system that will boost your immune system with the powerful combination of herbs that are included. All the natural ingredients are amazing natural healers that are time tested. The fact is that the herbal cleanse is one of the most talked about online. It is reported that a lot of the common diseases that people complain about are due to the buildup of toxins in the body. Over time those toxins have a very negative effect on the entire immune system. A natural detox is one way to remove the toxins and live a healthier lifestyle.  Check out what real people have said about their experiences with through Yelp, where real users have shared their thoughts.

Working with the Professionals of Madison Street Capital

The problem that so many business owners have is that they do not have the skills and knowledge to get issues done on their own. If you have always wanted to make good quality investment but do not know where to even begin, it might be a good idea for you to begin working with a company known as Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a wonderful Investment Banking firm that can be found internationally, so they can pretty much help any type of business owner no matter where they are located around the world. In fact, they have thousands upon thousands of members who utilize their services each and every day because of the fact that this helps them to run a more successful business.


If you have never heard about Madison Street Capital before and do not know what Madison Street Capital reputation is like, you might be surprised to know how many people actually use this company. Because of the fact that they are an investment banking firm, they basically will help you to invest your hard-earned money into a variety of different Investments that can help you to grow as a company owner in the long run. You will also find that they offer a variety of other services that you can easily utilize such as bankruptcy and tax help or anything else involving your financial situation. Many people use this amazing company for wealth management, especially if they are a business owner and are investing their money into different types of funds and accounts.


Madison Street Capital is incredibly reliable and has a great reputation with people who actually make use of it. You will find by the very many reviews that you can find on the internet that this is a company you can truly trust and know that they are going to do the absolute best that they possibly can to get your investment needs met. A lot of individuals have been using Madison Street Capital because of the different services that they offer and you do not only need to use this company for investment needs, since they can also help you with tax issues or even bankruptcy problems that you might be facing at the current moment. Madison Street Capital can be found on the internet by visiting their website or even on social media so that you can learn more about this amazing company before you make the final decision to use their services for your own company needs. It is amazing to know just what this company can do for you and what other options they have available to you in terms of better financial management as a new or older business owner.

Marc Sparks Says It All Starts With One Great Idea

According to Marc Sparks, venture capitalist and founder of the Spark Tank, the most successful business ideas are those that you’re passionate about. That’s only the beginning of course, because the research, analysis, and design work is needed to prove your idea.

Will It Sell?

The Spark Tank is presented with hundreds of ideas every year from hungry start-up entrepreneurs looking for capital, but very few actually succeed. Why? More often than not, the idea hasn’t hit the target. Marc Sparks says entrepreneurs should always stop to fully evaluate the marketability of the idea.

It’s easy to get caught up in the creativity, but throughout the design phase you must continue to evaluate the marketability, because at the end of the day, you’ll still need to answer, will it sell. It’s always a good idea to learn about potential buyers of the product/service. Perform an internet search for consumer spending in a specific product category or demographic to get a better idea of features and benefits you’ll want to include.

What About The Pitch?

Now you need funding to make your dream come true and according to Marc Sparks, your pitch must be informative yet engaging, not to mention, it must reflect the features and solutions your start-up can provide.

Thousands of companies are competing for billions of start-up dollars, and your pitch is the critical endgame. Whether you stand in front of these venture capitalists or submit a proposal, your words must resonate with the board. Powerful proposals demonstrate and stimulate thought. In effect, a well-designed and well thought out proposal is simple and requires no translation. It stands alone as the only instrument needed to sell your idea.

“The fundamental requirement is often the one most missed, and that’s addressing specifications,” says Marc Sparks. Some of the finest applications don’t fully answer what we need.

Eliminating Your Biggest Mistake

Sparks says, Never go with boilerplate material because its simply standardized. Boilerplate is a convenience and serious entrepreneurs don’t need to recycle information.

Lastly, the worst proposals give too much information about the seller’s experiences and capabilities, instead of focusing on problem solving road maps. A powerful proposal is customer-focused and the target is the solutions.

Marc Sparks reminds us, your proficiency is a give but keep in mind so are your rivals, so you must create a competitive advantage and your odds for success will dramatically increase.

Chris Burch on Fashion, Technology and the Future

As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has the uncanny knack of knowing just what it takes to make an impression in the entrepreneurial world by seizing new market possibilities and then applying his skill to make them flourish. His tendency towards disruptive brands and businesses that leave lasting, positive impressions on consumer lives and his success with them proves beyond doubt this man is a master when it comes to business and isn’t afraid to think “way outside” the box.

Chris Burch ( believes that fashion and technology change at about the same pace and that by looking at the past, one can see the future and he’s right. Consider portable music. At one time, the only way to listen to music away from home was the car radio which was strictly AM long before FM came into being. Now fast forward to this decade and tiny devices such as the iPod with their ability to carry hundreds of songs at your disposal no matter where you are.

The blending of fashion and technology was bound to happen. Right now fashion designers miss no opportunity to blend them together into some of the most fantastic, wearable technology available to date. Take Anouk Wipprecht for example. This Dutch designer has actually created a drink-making dress she calls the DareDroid and another she calls Pseudomorphs, a self-painting dress. This proves the more advanced technology becomes, the more possibilities there are for the fashion industry.

Some items combine fashion and technology for our protection. One of them is an alternative to vision restricting bike helmets called the Airbag for Cyclists created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. It’s worn around the neck and when closed does not affect vision which is the opposite of most bike helmets. Another interesting tech/fashion combo is clothing able to capture the kinetic energy of movement to power small electronic devices. There is even an idea from Soledad Martin to power cell phones by collecting energy created by walking via specially designed shoes.

There are times technology gets help from fashion. Glasses used to be seen as a social stigma and to help overcome that as well as benefit Google Glass, designer Dian VonFurstenberg outfitted her models with them on the catwalk. The cost of Google Glass is prohibitive to say the least, but seeing models wear them with their expensive outfits makes them seem less so. Therefore, there is definitely a connection that proves fashion benefits technology as much as the other way around.

In a career that’s lasted nearly 4 decades so far, Chris Burch has been part of bringing more than 50 businesses into the world. His talent of connecting the right ideas to the best methods are part of the reason people such as Ellen DeGeneres trusts him to handle her ED line, and that’s just the beginning of famous names that have taken their ideas to Burch. He has proven his worth in the business world and his track record for success speaks for itself.

Why Fashion and Technology Make Great Bedfellows

It isn’t every day that you see two different industries that go together like hand-in-glove, but fashion and technology are quickly becoming the fusion of the business world. If you were to look at both industries separate from each other, you can see that they have had their own successes in light of what the other marketplace was doing. You cannot help but see them together, and how they ultimately end up complimenting each other in a crazy but stable way. At least, this is how entrepreneur Chris Burch sees things.

Chris Burch, owner of Burch Creative Capital knows all too well what happens when you go after an industry that marries well with another. Burch isn’t afraid to take risks, thus he is the consummate entrepreneur. Having worked with more than 50 companies that were well on their way to stardom, Burch knows that it takes hard work, commitment, and of course a little thinking outside of the box to get things right. For nearly 40 years, Burch has dedicated his time and efforts to building businesses and helping to shape their outcome by taking risks.

Fashion and technology are a great representation of this, in that they have made a fascinating journey for many years. These days, the journey continues on a unique path, and it’s still amazing how well these two industries work together as they both always appear to be focused on what lies ahead. Consumer behavior could very well be the one key component that drives what is happening in both industries, and they can both draw from each other.

Finding out where two industries compliment each other is at the core of seeing great things happen. Finding the complimentary connection is first, and then discovering how they can work off the reserves of the other financially is equally important in the case you need to share funding during the start-up phase of the second endeavor.

Burch Creative Capital has been working with lifestyle companies for many years, and is continuing to focus on how it can lead these companies to the next level both financially and in the area of innovation.