QNET Not Just Another Direct Marketing Company

I have read that since they started out of Hong Kong, QNET has been enriching the well being and lifestyles of people in many parts of the world for the last 16 years. They have an uphill struggle competing with the older, dominant, giant marketing and direct sales companies of the world. The goals of the young business people who founded QNET has always been to market products that improve the world through better health and wellness. It is remarkable just how successful they have been, and most especially in the lives of many women who work as direct sales associates for the company. QNET is clearly committed to women’s equality and empowerment through their own small business enterprises.

I am glad that QNET always tests their products and services. They sell a wide range of different wellness products, from nutritional supplements, to skincare preparations, to fine jewelry and even watches made in Switzerland. It is wonderful that they only add new products to their brand family after quite intensive testing, in my opinion. They practice a business of high philosophical ideas with high moral conduct. They make sure no harm comes to any animals when their products are tested. In fact, they never allow any animals to be used for product testing.

It seems to me to be operated very differently than the typical big company. For one thing, they are dedicated to a healthy and well-defined vegetarian diet. QNET promotes the veggie eating lifestyle for better overall health. At company events, the food served is all vegetarian. This company is working to reduce obesity rates, occurrences of diabetes, problems with heart disease, and the negative problems that can occur from harsh chemicals and artificial sweeteners. This type of commitment to high standards applies to all their products and operation policies, as well.

I think these are the reasons QNET has, in a very short time, become Asia’s top direct sales company. They really do believe that improving the lives of others leads to themselves having better and more successful lives. QNET clearly takes their role of being socially responsible quite seriously. For instance, in India QNET directly supports many kids with special needs through their donations to the Rashid Centre. Read more about QNET.