Norman Pattiz Announces His New Podcast

Paranormal research is the latest topic to get itself a podcast. According to a December 19, 2016 PR Newswire press release, WWE star and podcast entrepreneur Chris Jericho has added a podcast with supernatural themes to his network lineup. To be called Beyond The Darkness, the podcast will cover reports and findings on everything from monster sightings to angel encounters, and will be hosted and produced by author Dave Schrader and radio producer and host Tim Dennis. Both men are well known within the paranormal investigative field, and are expected to bring a professional and thoughtful touch to the airings. New episodes will be aired on Mondays, and can be heard over, its app and iTunes. Chris Jericho began airing wrestling themed podcasts on The Jericho Network over, and quickly began adding broadcasts featuring comedians. Beyond The Darkness is his latest podcast venture for’s founder and executive chairman Norman Pattiz indicated in the press release that he was excited about the upcoming series, and felt that Jericho had become an important part of The podcast network is America’s largest, and in addition to Jericho, features programs produced/hosted by celebrities like Dr. Drew, Neil Strauss, Gabrielle Reece, Penn Jillette, and Shaquille O’Neal among many others. And it certainly makes sense that Norman Pattiz would be the one to assemble all of this talent in one location.


Pattiz is the entrepreneurial broadcaster who in 1976 started a small radio company from a one-roomed office in a suburb of Los Angeles. Named Westwood One, the company grew over time to be the nation’s largest single radio network, and America’s largest provider of radio broadcast services, ranging from live local traffic reports to nationally syndicated shows like Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. Westwood One is also one of the country’s largest suppliers of sporting events, local programming, and syndicated shows to television stations. Pattiz has long been a major presence in both local and national broadcasting, and among his contributions over the years has been an appointment to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which provides non-military broadcasting services to countries outside of the United States. While serving on the BBG, Pattiz was the chairman of its Middle Eastern committee. He currently serves as a regent for the University of California’s Department of Energy, and on the board of the University of Southern California’s Department of Communications.

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David Osio – Man Behind Strengthening the Pillars and Expansion of Davos Financial Group

Recently, the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator” was announced by Davos Real Estate Group, which would help the customers to easily calculate the return on investment of the property the consumers might be invested in. This is to help simplify the complex calculations that the investors and customers are often worried about when investing in the real estate market. The Davos Real Estate Group is the part of the conglomerate Davos Financial Group, which is a multi-national financial group and for over two decades has been the leader in Latin America in the sphere of offering comprehensive and result-oriented financial advice and services.



The aim of the Davos Financial Group is to offer personalized investment advice to its customers based on their financial goals and help them with devising an investment strategy while offering financial products and services that they are licensed to offer, that would help them achieve their financial goals. Gerard Gonzalez, who is the executive director of Davos Real Estate Group is the man behind Davos CAP Calculator, and has been working in conjunction with the design company named Tecknolution to develop an application that helps the consumers know the ROI on their real estate investments, after all, other expenses related to the property is taken into the account.



David Osio, CEO of the Davos Financial Group, has an extensive experience in the field of finance and business management spanning over three decades. His company has been an active participant in the Latin American financial market, offering a wide range of financial services and products. The company deals in the field of financial law, financial advising and is also actively attached to various banking services. The Davos Financial Group has many different subsidiaries and companies in different sectors, including investments, real estate, financing, financial advisory, and so on.



After completing his studies in International Banking Law from University of Catolica Andres Bello, he joined Banco Latino International as Vice President of International Banking. At Banco Latino International his responsibilities included making focused marketing strategies to attract more customers and customer retention.



Apart from his degree in law, David Osio has studied equity portfolio management from Institute of Finance In New York and finance at Instituto De Estudios Superiores Administrativos. Due to his immense contribution in the field of finance and business management and an array of achievements throughout his career, he was given South Florida Business Leader award in 2009, and the same year was also given the Movers and Shakers award.






George Soros continues winning streak with local prosecutor elections

George Soros has gained much attention for his huge donations to the Hillary Clinton campaign. But that $25,000,000 losing bet has obscured the string of smaller, but no less important victories that he has accumulated at the local level. Throughout 2016, George Soros spent additional millions on local prosecutor, sheriff and judge races from Colorado to Florida. Unlike his large losses in donating to the Kerry and Clinton presidential campaigns, the money spent in local elections has proven to be wise investing.

To the hammer of justice, every arrestee is a nail

One of the most powerful positions in the U.S. criminal justice system is that of prosecuting attorney. Prosecutors on Politico have the discretion to decide who is and is not charged with a crime. But they also have the power to sign off on how many resources are expended on any given case as well as who is extended plea offers. What this all amounts to, in practice, is a virtual dictatorship on who goes to prison and who goes free. Soros recognized this fact of U.S. realpolitik on Biography and set out to reform the criminal justice system at its very foundation, the people who tend the prison gates.

In Florida, philanthropist billionaire George Soros, through a political action committee, spend over $1,300,000 on behalf of the progressive candidate Aramis Ayala. Ayala was vying to become the first black prosecuting attorney in the state of Florida. Running for Orlando prosecutor, she campaigned on promises to forge new bonds between the police and communities of color as well as reversing some of the perceived racial discrimination unleashed throughout the tenure of her opponent, Jeff Ashton.

For his part, Ashton had amassed an ugly record of over-represented minorities being charged with a whole host of crimes, including non-violent drug offenses. Ayala offered to counter this by using discretion on a case-by-case basis and not weighting prior convictions, a constant trait of minority offenders, with such gravity in the decisions to bring charges and seek sentences. Ultimately, the people of Orlando believed Ayala’s message, and she won in a landslide. This was in no small part due to the largest of George Soros’ PAC, with pro-Ayala television and radio ads utterly dominating the airwaves and few appearing on behalf of Jeff Ashton.

Soros underwrote similarly victorious races in Louisiana, Colorado and Mississippi. In the case of the latter state, Soros backed candidate Scott Colom’s race to represent a four county area as state prosecutor. Colom won handsomely, running on a platform of broad criminal justice reform similar to that of Orlando’s Ayala. Even more than Ayala, Colom’s reign seems to be having tangible effects. He has said that he is focusing on sternly prosecuting violent crime while seeking every opportunity to give low-level and non-violent drug offenders a second chance. Colom sees low-level drug offenses as a sort of gateway into the prison system and a life of criminality. By diverting these vulnerable convicts away from the hard core criminal element, he hopes to give them the wakeup call they need while not sending them to the criminal universities of the state prison system.

Brian Bonar’s Successful Financial Services Career

Brian Bonar is one of the most prominent investors in the United States. His cradle home is San Diego. While most people think that Brian Bonar is only an investment professional, he is also a finance associate and aficionado who love to experience the sharing of his vast knowledge in this field and topic.

He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation. This is a San Diego-based company which works to focus on the development of services which include insurance, benefit, and business process outsourcing for their clients. As a matter of fact, the company also offers alternative investment advice to its customers.

This company works with many other firms based in the United Sates to deliver its services through partnership and extension to their clients. There are many services offered by the company. However, he main services under specialisation by Dalrada Financial Corporation are debit cards tax strategy techniques, supplement insurance funds, ad payroll advances.

These are not the only services offered by the company. However, they have worked with other companies to have an extension of service through partnerships and advancement techniques. The company also assists their highly-esteemed clients with the solutions regarding dental insurance, vision insurance together with the group dental insurance.

Brian Bonar is one of the highly-distinguished professionals in the business world and industry. For this reason, he has worked o get an award from the Cambridge University. The Cambridge Who’s Who award was given to Brian Bonar as a way to acknowledge through issuing him with the Financial Executive of the Year stock exchange.

For this reason, the University recognised him with an honorary degree. Accoding to Bloomberg, has a PhD Brian Bonar is also part of a numerous philanthropic and charitable companies based in the United States. He is also a member of the American Financial Association.

Brian Bonar also attended the University Technical Watt. He graduated from the University in 1969 where he decided to found his company to expand his career. While he was at the University, he had the rare chance to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1985, he graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

This is one of the reasons why we found him an amazing gentleman while he is richly experienced and educated in this field, his passion lies in the financial world. He is indeed a dedicated man in the world of investment and finance.

Brian Bonar is don’t work for the Dalrada Financial Corporation company alone. Therefore, he is also a worker of the Trucept Company based in the United States.

The Escondido-based company offers payroll, human resource administration, and the employee benefits maters in all the professionals and expert matters concerning their services.

How OSI Group Helped Build America

OSI was originally a family owned meat deli located in the suburbs of Chicago. From Aurora, Illinois the founder of that meat deli, Otto Kolschowsky, worked with his two sons to make the business into something bigger. Their ambition paid off and eventually OSI turned itself into one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. Across the world you can find people enjoying meat products supplied by the processing plants of OSI Group.

Fresh Meat For Everyone

Thanks to the proliferation of American fast food, OSI Group enjoys business on a global scale. Whenever companies like Mcdonald’s and Subway are in need of fresh meat, they turn to OSI Group to supply them. OSI Group’s success stems from its early and extensive use of cryogenics to preserve meat. At a time when most meat processors needed to constantly supply fresh meat, this made the company an attractive business partner for fast food franchises. Outside of meat OSI Group also supplies its clients with frozen vegetables and dough. That versatility is exactly why OSI Group is as successful as it is.

A Reputation For Excellence

OSI Group has a reputation for excellence and has received awards for its quality. Currently, the corporation is one of the 100 largest privately owned businesses. It generates billions in revenue and supplies jobs to thousands of hard working Americans. The meat processing industry is one of the most important challenging parts of the American economy. It isn’t easy to build a successful business, but OSI Group has managed to stay in business over the course of decades. In fact, it is now nearing 110 years of providing the world with quality meat. There simply is no comparison with anyone else in the meat industry.

Putting Workers First

OSI Group wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t care for its workers. The safety and well being of the hard workers responsible for making OSI Group tick is exactly why the company has prospered for so many years. The standards and caution OSI Group takes has even won the company awards for safety. Last year, it received the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. The key to success for any large company is to always remember the people who helped you reach the top. At OSI Group, that lesson is still remembered.

For more information, view OSI Group’s Facebook page.

Securus Technologies And How They Help Christmas

How Securus Technologies Helps Families During The Holidays

When a loved one spends time behind bars, bear in mind that the whole family serves the sentence with them. In a recent video, a little boy gets to talk to his incarcerated father on Christmas morning and even watch him on video so that he can open presents in front of him. This little boy seemed so over the moon with the presents he was receiving and the fact that he got to spend time with his dad on Christmas in some form or fashion.


This is made possible through the help of Securus Technologies, a company that has taken technology to the next level by bridging the gap between inmates and families.


What does Securus Technologies Provide?


This company has come out with a video communication platform that allows inmates to speak with their relatives. This is a great way to bridge the gap between those serving time and their loved ones. Since it is the holiday season, you can see how this is excellent when it comes to putting a smile on a child’s face.


In former times, the best you could do is a phone call which is expensive potentially by the minute. This company has created technology that many prison institutions have jumped on to allow family members to enjoy the holidays together. This way, the child does not have to worry about going through the process of prison visitation just to see their loved one. Instead, they will be able to jump on a video chat with no problem. This will allow them to have a smile on their face just like the little boy in the video.


This helps family save money as well, because sometimes the loved one is incarcerated several miles away and it may not be in easy trip to take. Since Christmas morning can be a hectic time, it allows people to kill two birds with one stone and simply share Christmas with their loved one in a simpler way. By enjoying the technology offered by this company, you and your loved one will be able to spend time together on Christmas morning. This is an excellent way for people to truly enjoy themselves and will make it easier for people to make the time spent behind bars go by quicker, while still fostering relationships on the outside throughout the entire time.


How Wen by Chaz Can Help Define Your Hair

Your hair says a lot about you. The way it is cut and the way it is styled show off a lot about your personality and who you are overall. Our hair can also determine our mood. If we are having a bad hair day, our mood may suffer. The opposite is also true. If we are having a good hair day, we are likely to be in a great mood all day. To help our hair be the best it can be, we need to use the best hair care products. One of the best products out there for our hair is a cleansing conditioner.

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that is changing the way we handle our hair. It is a product that was created by Chaz Dean with all hair types in mind. There is only one bottle needed to use this product and the result of using this product is phenomenal. Chaz Dean works with many celebrities as his clients and he uses his products on those clients.

Another advantage to using a cleansing conditioner is that the product is made from all-natural ingredients. There are no harsh ingredients to strip the hair of its natural oils or to damage the hair in any way. This product will have the opposite result. Hair will be helped and will be left in a healthier state.

When you want your hair to look the best, you need to use the best products. Wen by Chaz is a product that was created for everyone using the best all natural ingredients. More and more people are using these products and are having excellent results. Their hair has never looked better and that has been improving moods and making better hair days everywhere.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video review below!