Central Texas Regional Mobility and Mike Heiligenstein

Mike Heiligenstein is the first Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He served around 23 years as a central Texas Public Official in the highly growing communities of Williamson and Round Rock. As both a county commissioner and city councilman, he highly initiated as well as helped in supervising more than $500 million in capital improvement projects Texas. In the year 2000 lead a $350 million transportation initiative that was able to change the dynamics of mobility throughout the entire central Texas hence improving the mobility sector at large. He was also actively involved in all areas of implementing the program that is contract management, public presentations, pricing, rating agency performance as well as personal engagement in matters to do with land acquisition for the Central Texas Turnpike Project. He has been a leader in the environment, and public infrastructure causes throughout his entire public career.


Mike has been working with the agency since its inception and has also been able to oversee development of their first project that is, 183A in Williamson County. The project was among the first projects to transition to cashless toll, all electronic collection hence making a significant impact. Mike Heiligenstein is currently serving as the president of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is also on the board of advisory of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute as well as other working groups and committees that deal with transportation issues.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was created in the year 2002 as an independent government agency so as to improve the transportation system in Travis and Williamson counties. The company’s aim is to design new and regional transportation network for the entire central Texas. The agency mission is to ensure it implements innovative and super, multi-modal transportation solutions that will reduce congestion as well as create transportation choices that will enhance economic vitality and quality of life. The agency was created and usually operates under Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370 and is also authorized under state law to ensure implementation of a wide range of transportation system which includes seaport, airports roadways, and transit services.


Also, the agency is well authorized to fund projects by the issue of revenue bonds and also utilize user taxes or fees to repay bonds and fund operations. The Mobility Authority makes use of private sector contractors who have specialized expertise to provide quality staffing support for the individual projects.


Dick DeVos Believes In Philanthropy

There is a saying that charity starts at home. People who give are givers by nature. It takes a special type of person to give to others without expecting anything in return. Giving comes from the heart. The desire to give and help others is something that people have to bring from the inside. The amount of giving or the type of giving depends on the particular situation of the givers, but the same selfless heart is found in almost all givers.


There are many people who need help. Sometimes the difference between people surviving or not surviving can be the help provided by some unknown givers. People in need have many different types of needs. Some are basic such as food and housing while other needs are more specific such as money to attend college. Whatever the need, without some help there are many people who would go lacking without assistance.


Although there are many kinds of giving, the type of giving that people usually think about most is financial. The giving of money is universal. People who give are able to help in a variety of ways through financial support. Money giving by contributors can be used to help many people. Philanthropy is something that many people have been doing for years. The amount of money giving by contributors varies from person to person.


A well-known philanthropist is Dick DeVos. He has given millions of dollars over his lifetime to a wide array of charities and causes. The financial support given by Dick DeVos has helped many people. In addition, his wife Betsy DeVos stands beside him in his given efforts. Both have given to help others.


The sum total of their given is close to 139 million dollars. A large sum of money by any standards, the financial contributions provided by Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos should be commended. I believe that Dick DeVos has helped many people through his financial contributions, but I also believe that he has helped to encourage others to give. Maybe not the amount of money given by Dick DeVos but an amount that people can feel good about given.


Dick DeVos is known for his Philanthropy, but he is also known in the business world for his excellent executive abilities. Dick DeVos has been in high executive positions at Amway and the Orlando Magic where he did an outstanding job. He is currently the President of Windquest where he is leading the company successfully. Dick DeVos has achieved great success in the business world. He is a proven leader and an outstanding communicator. Through his hard work and tireless efforts, Dick DeVos has made a name for himself as a top-notch business executive.

Construcap Growth Helps Others

Giving back to the community is an important part of any business. Over the years, Construcap has proven this is an integral part of their business model on LoveMondays.com. With the rapid growth of real estate in Brazil, this company is making more money than ever before. However, the company is still finding time to invest in others. One of the latest projects is to build schools in local areas that are overcrowded. This is something that is a huge need in Brazil right now.


When the company was started, no one ever thought that Construcap would get to where it is today. The leaders of the company always focused on the customer, and as Brazil grew Construcap grew along with it. Over time, this is a great company to work for because they truly value customers in a number of ways. Not only do they provide great customer service, but they are also able to take things to a new level with their real estate design process on construcap.com. This is where the company develops housing plans online and sells them to customers for a fraction of the price.

Growth Plans

If Brazil continues to grow at its current rate, many people think that Construcap will be one of the largest real estate companies in the world one day. The company must scale up its infrastructure in order to meet the needs of clients. The good news is that the real estate boom looks like it is here to stay. Many people in Brazil are excited about all of the positive changes that Construcap is making to the local community.

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Josh Verne

Josh Verne is well-known as a entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of workpays.me, he helped create a simplified way for people to make purchases. This convenient process was based on deductions.


The key to using deductions was that it allowed consumers to plan carefully and see where their money is going. Also, it eliminated the type of impulse purchasing that can happen in a traditional store. With workpays.me, Verne gave people a way to plan and better control their finances.


Recently, on the Knowledge for Men podcast, Verne provided some great advice to help management-level businesspeople. Despite their simplicity, these tips encapsulate basic truths. They are a roadmap to a successful career, and fulfilling relationships.


The first is be a leader, not a boss. Verne understands that employees respond to leaders who demonstrate that they their best interests at heart. Rather than being a demanding figure, the feeling of mutuality and “we all win together” can carry a team through many challenges.


Secondly, Verne advises that people look for the win. It’s important to never agree to a win-lose deal. If there is not a win for everyone somewhere, reputation and morale will suffer. Determine beforehand that a lose will not be accepted, and the whole thought process behind negotiations changes. Thinking becomes more creative. Determining to be assertive is a great way to boost business.


Thirdly,JOsh Verne advises that managers stop speaking so much, and begin to listen. By speaking less, a manager can actually appear more authoritative. Instead of wading through a cacophony of noise, workers will listen up when the boss does speak.


Fourthly, Verne advises seeking balance. Without a healthy body and a good home-life, all the financial success in the world means nothing. Seek to make progress in all areas of life, not just one.


Finally, Verne advises finding a passion. Think of successful entrepreneurs who really changed their industries. These people know why they go to work every day. Pay attention to where motivation comes from. Honoring passions can translate into success in a way that feelings of drudgery never will.

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Jeffry Schneider-Impacting the Business World

With more than two decades of experience, Jeffry Schneider has made a name for himself in the business world. The founder of Ascendant Capital, Schneider has created a huge group of services in field like marketing, education, sales and operational services. Schneider’s company raises alternative asset fund sponsors. The Texas company has grown to great success under Schneider’s success and continues to impact many around the world.

Jeffry Schneider, Ascendant Capital has grown quite rapidly in recent years. Along with his team Schneider has been able to raised nearly $1 billion. Ascendant Capital now works with more than fifty broker dealers and more than 200 investment advisors. The company continues to grow adding real estate, auto dealerships and more. As a result, today the company is expected to bring in nearly $50 million a month.

Schneider has a unique philosophy about success. He firmly believes alternative investments are a great way to reduce risk. Markets have had great growth in the past few years, and they should continue to improve. The culture he has built at his company is also a big part of their success. Schneider encourages open conversations and seeks a strong sense of trust between team members. Schneider is always seeking openness and as a result his company has thrived. In less than a decade, his work has launched Ascendant to raise nearly a billion dollars.

Building Ascendant to a major success was not Schneider’s first venture. Previously he worked with Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. His education has been a key to his success. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts. He would also partner with Merrill Lynch and Alex Brown before creating Ascendant.

Outside of his work in the business world, Jeffry Schneider is quite an individual. He is an avid philanthropist. He works with great organizations like God Loves We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children. Giving back is clearly an important part of his life. Outside of work he is lives an healthy active lifestyle. He loves to travel and explore the world. His work is admired by many, and he should be around for many years to come.

Chris Burch Has An Eye For Starting Successful Companies.

There are many fashion companies that provide great fashion. The clothes look good and stylist. While there are many fashion companies that can provide nice looking clothes, there are fewer companies that can provide trend setting clothes and styles. The fashion industry is one of the most popular industries in the business world because of the trend setting fashions that are introduced by the fashion industry.


The way that many people dress is impacted by fashion. Some people like to keep up with the latest fashion designs and what is popular in the fashion industry. In many ways, the fashion industry has a huge influence on what many people buy and wear on a regular basis. The influence of the fashion industry is known both inside and outside the fashion industry. This influence has an affect on the fashion companies that are looked at to provide the latest fashion designs and fashion trends.


A fashion look that some fashion companies and fashion designers are trying is the use of technology with fashion designs. The combination of fashion and technology provides a striking look that is enhanced by the fact that technology is very popular. Technology has become more than just technology. The use of technology has become a statement of personal preference and style. The color, size, look, and name of the technology has become important along with how well the technology performs.


The fashion idea of putting technology and fashion together goes beyond just the look of the fashion design with the technology. The fashion industry and the technology industry are both huge industries that have millions of people who purchase items regularly. Combining technology and fashion together will bring the people who participate in the industries together to view the fashion look.


This blending of technology and fashion will benefit both industries. It is marketing without actually marketing when technology is added to a fashion design. The technology is marketed and the fashion design is marketed because people ask about both aspects of the fashion design.


Chris Burch is an executive who can appreciate the idea of using technology with fashion designs because he has successfully managed both fashion and technology companies. He understands what is involved in the decisions that are made in both industries.


Moreover, Chris Burch knows how to run successful companies. No matter what industry or market, Chris Burch understands all the aspects involved in running successful companies. He has many successful companies in his professional portfolio.