Get Great Cosmetics That Empower The Everyday Woman

Doe Deere never thought that her unconventional way of thinking of colors would be a huge success and contribute to an amazing line of cosmetics. Deere says, her goal is to empower women with their makeup and leave them feeling completely unapologetic. You get rich colors that compliment any mood and attire. You can choose from radical colors like metallic and sorbet that are unheard of with their competitors. Deere was the first of her kind to use a super-foil and velvetine matte base for her cosmetics. Lime Crime has empowered thousands of girls and guys around the world to be unique.

She got her start as a young professional in Russia popularizing novelty tattoos. She began to popularize them by wearing them herself. She began to notice that she had a product that her friends loved and this was the beginning of marketing. Deere, later moved to New York City and played a role in a rock band. She learned to appreciate individuals that came out to her events. She joined design school and decided to brand her famous cosmetic products under the Lime Crime name. Her goal was to get rid of the dull boring colors of the late 90’s.

Deere has played her part in the expansion of unique colors by branding a Scandal line that offers an amazing violet-hue lipstick shade that gives a perfected mold to your lips and eyelids. Her 2.4 million Instagram customers are thrilled with an expansion of the LC colors under the Scandal name. Deere has also created a brand of hair dyes that don’t include ammonia or bleach. You get a full 700 ml jar that offers you one application or two touch-ups. You get the same unique colors under the Lime Crime name that you’re use to.

You can learn more about their products by visiting their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers. You get a list of all their products under one unique tab. You can also visit YouTube for amazing tutorials from thousands of women around the world. They offer exciting ways on how to mix, match, and blend LC products. Their sister company Dolls Kills, gives you accessories, shoes, and clothing items that compliment LC products. Lime Crime caters to young professionals and busy entrepreneurs. You can become a part of the LC cosmetics with the benefits of changing your mood instantly with intricate colors that are not offered by their competitors.



Beneful Wet Dog Food Medleys

If you ate the same thing over and over you would probably grow tired of it pretty quickly. This is no different for your dog or puppy. Instead of going with the same dog food dish every day, owners are offered the option to buy Beneful Medleys. This is a variety pack of wet dog food to offset the possibility of your dog turning down dinner in the future. We’ve seen it all too many times before. Your dog stops eating for no apparent reason. Is he sick? Although that is a possibility, many times the only thing stopping your dog from eating is that they have become tired of eating the same thing. Beneful wet dog food medleys consist of 9 tuscan style cans, 9 romana style cans, and 9 mediterranean style cans. This is more than enough variety in short period of time to create a fresh and exciting new flavor pallet for your dog or puppy. This pack of 27 cans only costs $15 from certain outlets. Though it is wet dog food, it is also recommended that it be paired with dry dog food to further your efforts of providing your dog with something new and exciting to eat.

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Bruce Levenson Supports The University Of Maryland’s Do Good Institute

Bruce Levenson, a renowned businessman and former owner of Atlanta Hawks, delved into the non-profit industry after selling the NBA franchise. He contributed the initial funds in support of the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. The mission of this program is to reach out to students who are pursuing their undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland and introduce them to the world of volunteering and non-profit business. The institute seeks to establish the next generation of non-profit business heads and make them competitive against their colleagues in the private sector. So far, the initiative has had remarkable success.

Speaking to PR Newswire, Levenson said that over the years, they established that different organizations were under the leadership of outstanding individuals who could not accomplish the set mission. This is because the leaders lacked crucial business skills to make such companies successful. To this end, Levenson and his wife, Karen, presented their idea to the University of Maryland. The two seeded $75 million while the state of Maryland donated $20 million towards the noble initiative. The first class was taught Philanthropy 101. The program included a lab component where students were provided $10,000 to give to a charity of their choice. The class became an instant hit in the school.

Inaugurated in 2010, the program has been gaining considerable traction. The objective of this program is to attract students who are passionate about giving back to the society. Moreover, the initiative has been successful in developing the next wave of non-profit entrepreneurs. For instance, a former student, Ben Simon, co-established the Food Recovery Network. Notably, the student-managed waste prevention movement runs under the Do Good Institute’s umbrella. In addition, Ben established Imperfect Produce, a program that offers consumers access to various products at a discount.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG). Levenson incorporated UCG with his friend, Ed Peskowitz. Moreover, he is the owner of Atlanta Spirit, the former management group of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce was also heavily involved in writing for the Observer Publishing and the Washington Star.


Jason Halpern and His JMH Development Contribute to Nature in an Innovative Way

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is known as the Founder and the Principal of JMH Development, a major real estate firm based in New York. He is predominantly known for his innovative ways to renovate buildings in historic places without losing its value. Halpern and JMH contribute to nature by protecting the existing ones and reducing the harnessing of natural resources or polluting the environment. Since his family is into real estate development for decades, he has a greater understanding of growing needs and the importance of preserving the existing ones without losing its uniqueness. Halpern and his team have renovated a number of projects, in which, some of them are more than a century old.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

The prominent one is 184 Kent, a waterfront warehouse originally constructed in 1913. JMH Development converted this building located in Brooklyn to a 340 unit luxury apartment for rental. Halpern was very specific to retain the historical integrity of the building, and his efforts have paid well as the building is currently on the National Register maintained for Historic Places. Interestingly, the building received Building Brooklyn Award – 2011 under the category of adaptive reuse. There are also many more projects similar to 184 Kent that give optimal use and reuse. Starwood Aloft hotel developed by JMH Development was a historic motel in Ankara, Florida; Halpern and his team renovated the motel and built a new eight-story building to convert it into an impressive beachside hotel. There are also renovation and development stories like The Townhouses of Cobble, LIC Hilton Hotels, Hill Three Hundred Collins, 70 Henry, and more.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

The development model of Halpern has appreciated by many industry experts, and he is recognized by various industrial bodies. The Starwood Aloft hotel received Lodging Investment Summit Award – 2015 for limited service development. Jason is focused on both residential and commercial developments which are driven by high-quality and customization considering the expectation of the customers. As a leader in constructing distinctive properties, JMH has grown across the U.S. under the leadership of Halpern. His insights have significantly helped the firm to identify the values of various properties, and Halpern had developed a niche over the years of renovating historically important buildings.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Jason has also involved in philanthropic activities apart from sustainable development projects. He is the primary contributor of Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center under Westchester Medical Center. The Trauma Center is capable of handling open heart surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, fixing of severed limbs, and emergency neurosurgery. Additionally, the center is equipped with treating burn patients, critical internal injuries, children, and pregnant women. Halpern initiated philanthropic activities as part of JMH Development as well and contributes to global clean water charity called “water.” The firm made a commitment that it would donate $20,000 per each successful contract to the non-profit organization to provide clean and safe water to Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.


How Working As A Wine Guide Can Be Fun And Lucrative

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells wine through a national network of independent Wine Guides. Each Wine Guide is in control of their business and determines how often, when, and where they work.

The role of a Wine Guide is to arrange wine tastings in a client’s home which provide them and their guests with the opportunity to try out some of Traveling Vineyard’s wine selection. After the event, the client and guests can sign up to have their favorites shipped to their home on either a one-time or regular basis.

As an independent contractor, Wine Guides are free to set their schedule and work as much or as little as they desire. While some become Wine Guides just to pick up some extra money for gifts and vacations, others make it their full-time career. An ambitious Wine Guide can even develop their own network of Wine Guide’s working for them further propelling their professional success.

When becoming a Wine Guide, the applicant receives a Success Kit in the mail which includes everything they need to get started. The kit includes sign up forms, marketing material, wine accessories, traveling containers, wine tasting glasses, and enough bottles of wine for their first two wine tastings. The Success Kit also contains a cheat sheet to the wines in order to help the Wine Guide’s knowledge about them. Traveling Vineyard also operates an online training program which not only teaches Wine Guides more about wine but also tips and guidelines to running a successful business.

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