William Saito and Cyber-security

A Japanese American businessman, William Saito has been impacting the business world for quite some time. Considered one of the 100 Most Influential People for Japan, Saito began his own company while still in high school. Saito has built an impressive resume throughout his lifetime. He has been recognized as one of the world’s leaders in cyber security. He is a respected and sought after voice in this space.

William Saito is a venture capitalist and former advisor to the government of Japan. He has built a reputations as having a keen eye for business. He has helped and motivated tons of young and up and coming entrepreneurs over the years. Throughout his career he has invested in and helped more than 25 businesses get started.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Saito was a student at the University of California, Riverside. Saito began a computer security company while a junior in high school. Later he incorporated the firm as I/O Software while still in college. He would later sell the business and began starting Several Japanese companies.

William Saito has many accomplishments on his resume. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998. In early 2012, Saito was appointed to a group that gave council to the Prime Minister of Japan. He has served as a cybersecurity advisor to the Cabinet Officer for four years. He later worked as an advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for two years.

Saito’s resume continues on from there. In 2011 he served as Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission. Saito has served as an advisor for many groups including to METI, MIC, MEXT, and MLIT. He has recently put out a best selling management book titled The Team: Solving the Biggest Problem in Japan. In addition he also has his autobiography, An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, which was published in 2011.


A Servant’s Heart; A Champion Leader-The Legacy of Vijay Eswaran

One of the wealthiest men in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran, has established himself as a dynamic entrepreneur, best selling author, and leader. The evidence of his legacy impacts the world in many ways. However, his contemplative perspective regarding life, fear and conviction of beliefs, inspire many who seek the motivation to achieve greatness within.

Born into humble beginnings, Vijay Eswaran understood the value of seizing the moment. Working hard to finance his education, no stone was left unturned to accomplish the goals that Vijay conceived within his mind. The strategy of identifying obstacles as opportunities and challenges as tools to groom efficiency are manifested in the many things that Eswaran has accomplished. Confronting fear and channeling it into a catalyst of self propulsion is not only a character trait manifested in Vijay Eswaran, it is a key theme that resounds in his books and speeches. Fear can stretch you or arrest your entire existence.

During the financial crises in the late 90’s the Asian economy was plagued with challenges that required innovative solutions that would yield progressive results. It was during this time that Vijay capitalized on the opportunity to design a business model that would re posture the methodologies utilized for successful business practices. His ability to use direct selling and e commerce created the stimulus needed to revitalize the business community. Embracing the unknown is another principle that drives the ambition of Vijay Eswaran.

Challenging individuals to step out of their comfort zone and release their security blanket, is another key point Eswaran references in his books. The expansion of his empire is a reflection of Vijay Eswaran staying true to his convictions. Having an influence that spans several continents proves the tenacity of this mogul’s vision. Ambitious, shrewd, and bold, one of the most interesting characteristics of this Phenom is his desire to help others. A philanthropist and mentor, Vijay Eswaran uses stewardship to help children with special needs and disabilities. The irony of his legacy is that challenges and tough beginnings in youth were the stepping stones that led to perseverance and triumph.

The Career of Canadian Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian business executive and entrepreneur who has established a very productive career. During his career, he has been a production manager at companies such as General Motors and also as the chief executive officer at United Technologies. He is also an advisor to the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. Over the course of his career, he has been able to take a number of steps to reach his various goals and status as a leading business professional in Canada. What helped Louis become a top businessperson was his knowledge of what he wanted to achieve and working hard to reach his various goals. Chenevert was not someone who came from a wealthy privileged family. He accomplished all of his goals by emphasizing both determination and working hard on a regular basis. Investment

Before Louis started his career, he attended college and completed a degree in production management. He would then use this degree to get his first job and then build on his experience. Louis would then hold a number of positions at companies in the automotive industry. While these experiences were very rewarding, he would look to pursue other opportunities that would allow him to be even more prosperous. The one company that he decided to work for was United Technologies. He would take over for one of its leading executives and then help lead the company to establishing it into an even better organization.

When Louis joined United Technologies, he would develop a number of innovative ideas with fellow executives. He would emphasize an understanding of customer needs along with a passion to help deliver products that can change in a 30 year cycle. As chief executive officer, Louis helped the company reach a number of milestones. It would help develop the F135 engine which would improve the propulsion sector. The company would also develop the GTF engine which would help reduce fuel burn and noise by up to 50%. During his stint at UTC, Louis helped the company leverage the new technology key airplane such as the Airbus A-320. While working at UTC, Louis would focus on both talent and engineering to help the firm reach its many goals.