Freedom Checks: An Investment Now Out In The Open

Some of the most lucrative investments are kept secret for many years. Freedom Checks is an investment option that has been around since the 1980s but has not been applied by average investors. Matt Badiali is trying to change this and get the word out on this method of investing. In his ad explaining how to start receiving Freedom Checks, he was telling people to buy shares in quality Master Limited Partnerships. There are literally thousands of publicly traded companies, but only around 568 are making these payments to investors. Matt Badiali says there are going to be many billions paid out to the smart investors who got in this year and he is betting on this investment strategy to bring about life-changing returns in the coming years.

There are several reasons why MLPs can outperform traditional investments. The main reason has to do with tax savings. Congress passed laws that allow MLPs to legally dodge taxes and shareholders are treated the same way when they are issued their Freedom Checks. Not having to pay a penny in taxes means that an individual will enjoy a much higher rate of return. Another reason MLPs will make great investments is that of the continuing trend for the US to become energy independent. Fracking has enabled the US to become a major oil-producing nation.

The Middle East is no longer selling as much oil to the US as a result, and if this continues, MLPs are going to be earning even more revenues. Getting involved in Freedom Checks is a simple process. One does not have to visit some government agency or go through any major loopholes. A person with $10 to their name and access to a brokerage account can start investing in MLPs today. It is important to know that a person will receive greater payments if they invest more money. After taking ownership in an MLP, a person will be able to collect Freedom Checks as a residual income that will be greater than a benefit check from a government agency.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: Being Awarded as an Executive of the Year

The CAOA Group is one of the most significant players in the Brazilian car manufacturing industry. Recently, the company was invited to the 52nd Car of the Year award’s night, an annual recognition night created for those who are involved in the automobile industry. The chairman of the company, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, was awarded the Executive of the Year award. He was thankful for the recognition that he received and stated that his company will continue to manufacture quality vehicles under the Hyundai and Chery brand. He has been managing the company since 1979, and the company will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year.

One of the reasons why Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade became an influential figure in the car manufacturing industry is because of his ability to transform his plant located in Anapolis. It was first built to accommodate the creation of top quality vehicles from Chery and Hyundai, and he was able to sell it effectively to the Brazilian public, increasing the company’s sales and resulting to further growth. Since then, the CAOA Group continued manufacturing different Chery models, appealing greatly to the Brazilian public. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade stated that the success of his company can also be attributed to the huge number of people who have been following his business for years, becoming his regular clients. For four decades, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has been working closely with his clients, providing them with world-class service that allowed them to stay.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade opened his car business in 1979, after receiving a defunct dealership as a payment for his Ford Landau that never arrived. At first, he had difficulties managing the company because of the lack of knowledge about how car businesses work. However, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade did not surrender easily, and he used his spare time knowing how he could effectively run his business. Close family and friends helped him out, and after years of managing the business, experience taught him some of the most effective approaches that he has to consider to continue the growth of his company.

Betsy DeVos: Helping America Through Education Reform And Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is someone who has been fairly immersed in the field of education since the early days of her career and has been able to contribute an incredible amount to this fields as a result of her position as the Education Minister of the United States. Ever since taking over the position, Betsy DeVos has been able to apply many plans of action which have improved the quality of education that was being offered through schools in America.



Being a mother, DeVos knew the perils that parents face when trying to find a good school to send their children to. This was something that DeVos experienced herself when trying to find a good school to send her children too. It was during this time she realized the problems that lay in the public school system. Because public schools rely on taxpayers money, they often have challenges as a result of the number of students that they actually have. These students are not given the right kind of resources to be able to properly grow and develop their skills, and as a result, don’t end up reaching their maximum potential. Betsy DeVos was well aware of these challenges which is why she decided that she would work towards bringing about real change in society. Her goal was to be able to transform the school system in a way that could provide the best resources to students so that they can develop their skillsets in a better manner.



The charter school movement was one in which Betsy DeVos showcased her true passion for education reform. This was based on her idea that the school system needed to change and showcased her support with regards to charter school education.



In addition to her focus on education reform, Betsy DeVos has also actively tried to contribute to society in a positive manner. She mainly does this through the organization that she founded alongside her husband, Dick DeVos. Together, they help the needy in society to such a large extent that they have come to be known as two of the most charitable people in the country.



Betsy DeVos is someone who stands strong for the things that she believes in. One of these things is that children should be able to get proper education all over America. However, not all children are able to afford a good education, which is why Betsy DeVos offers scholarships to students to ensure that they always have access to good educational facilities.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Sameer Jejurikar Career in Cosmetic Surgery

Aging is one of the natural things that take place without our control. In most cases, this natural process interferes with the beauty of people. Everyone wants to retain their beauty, regardless of their age and status in the society. Cosmetic surgeons have taken their time to study hard and come up with great procedures that can be used to make people get their beauty back. Most of these cosmetic procedures require so much expertise so that they can be successful. There are few cosmetic surgeons in the world at the moment. People are scared of getting into this field because of the numerous risks involved.

Dallas is known to be the home of many successful professionals and prominent companies in the United States. People have been visiting this part of the US when they need to undergo cosmetic surgeries from experts in the cosmetic department. The person behind the successful procedures is Sameer Jejurikar. The doctor is based in Dallas, and he has also started one of the best clinics in the region. Plastic surgery has been made easy by the medical professional. Certified by the American Plastic Surgeon Board, Sameer Jejurikar has carried out so many procedures on thousands of people.

When choosing a medical procedure in the cosmetic department, patients want to get their services from professionals who are highly experienced and qualified. These are some of the distinguishing features that have helped Sameer Jejurikar in his impressive career. The doctor got his plastic surgeon skills from leading medical schools in the United States. Before starting his work, the doctor practiced in several leading medical centers so that he could improve his skills. Sameer states that people, regardless of their age, should be free to go for any cosmetic surgery without any fears because they are less painful and invasive.

Upwork Reveals the Secrets to Getting Everything Done

Upwork recently published a blog titled “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List” which was originally published on the ClickUp blog. The article was written with the intention of helping people manage their to-do lists, which seem to be ceaseless in today’s modern society. There are several different ways to manage your to-do list.

The first necessary action for managing a to-do list is to write everything down in one place. It is impossible to remember everything you have to do if you don’t get organized by writing the tasks down. It happens because of an effect called the Zeigernik Effect which effectively causes your mind to continue to run through the necessary items and to-dos constantly. It prevents you from focusing on the task at hand because your mind keeps focusing on all the tasks that are incomplete. There is an easy solution to this problem. Simply write all of the tasks down on a single sheet of paper or a single app. This allows your brain to focus on the task you are currently working on.

It is also important to create your list before the day begins. By having your list ready to go as soon as you reach your desk in the morning, you are able to work on the most important thing first. Most people have the highest energy levels and focus in the early morning. When you get your to-do’s prepared the night before, you can decide your priorities instead of wasting your time in the morning.

One of the biggest tips to accomplishing everything on your to-do list is to put it all in one place. Often people have to-dos over a series of different platforms from email to paper notes to apps, they have hundreds of to-dos all over the place. This makes it difficult to keep your tasks organized when it goes across several sources. Some to-dos will eventually slip through the cracks. It may even cause severe stress because it can be time-consuming and stressful to try to check multiple sources all the time. The easy solution is simply using a to-do list tool that can keep all of your tasks in one place.

The Acquisition of The Fortress Investment Group and its Continual Operation under SoftBank

One of the superpowers, leading and highly thinly spread in variety in global investments with a number rotating around 41.4 billion dollars in assets – The Fortress Investment Group has proved itself as on of the best and most competent investment managing companies in the world. Fortress Investment Group has managed in behalf of less than 2,000 institutes and private investors all around the world across platforms of real estate, equity and permanent investment strategies.


The Fortress Investment Group focuses and is dedicated into their clients’ investment performance – they strive to encourage the generation of gamble-some returns for their clients and their investments on the long run.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group is managing and utilizing about a thousand management employees, and this includes the use of hundreds of investment experts and their main office is in the main cultural melting pot of the world – New York City and this office contacts and coordinates with all the other offices around the world.

This company specializes in: 1) Operations Management, 2) Industry Knowledge, 3) Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, and 4) Capital Markets.

With their excellence, the market can change to any companies’ favor – and they were acquired by another company called SoftBank Group, but then even if they were acquired, Fortress still operates independently. The Fortress was acquired by SoftBank group for a whoppering amount of 3.3 billion dollars in cold hard cash – with SoftBank’s purchase of Fortress, SoftBank wholly owned all of Fortress’ outstanding shares.

As a result of the turn over, all the following shares that is acquired there after the acquisition was translated into cash per unit for the favor of SoftBank. The Fortress’ common stock has ceased in its trading and transactions – and they were removed in New York Stock Exchange. They are now not in the recent list of the New York Stock Exchange of finance management companies. Read more on

Fortress will operate independently but within the restriction and jurisdiction of SoftBank LLC, as an independent business that is based in New York. The leaders and chair persons of Fortress will remain to stay in power committed and focused on leading Fortress to success.

The Successful career of Richard Liu Qiangdong in the e-commerce Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the owner and the creator of, a top e-commerce business in China. Liu serves as the CEO of the company since he founded the company in 2004. He has more than 15 years’ e-commerce business experience. In 2007, Richard Liu Qiangdong realized that the e-commerce business would do better with the services of the logistics companies that deliver goods to every corner of the country. Being a smart businessman, Liu started his logistics company that will deliver the goods throughout the country without damaging them. The company had more than 3,210 pickups that delivered goods to the 1862 counties in China by December 2014.

In 1996, Richard Liu earned a degree in Sociology from Renmin University. While studying in the university, he was focused on computer programming where he did freelance work to improve his skills and provide for his upkeep.

From an interview he had in Dallas during the Annual Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he started his offline shop business selling magneto-optical products in China and the business had twelve centers in operation by 2003. But in the same year, SARS breakout stopped his workers from operating the businesses, so he was forced to focus on online business that he thinks is effective and easy to run. He then founded, named it from the characters of his name and his ex-girlfriends name. The company was doing well, and he decided to shut down all the sores by 2005 completely.

In the there are 500 logistic centers and the company offers correct information with regards to goods delivery time. There is a 3-3-1 delivery system in Beijing that ensures when a person orders goods in Beijing before eleven Oclock, they are delivered before five o’clock, and if orders placed before five o’clock they will be delivered before ten o’clock, and the goods ordered before ten O’clock will be delivered early in the following morning. Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that has a wide range of products that one can choose from unlike selecting them in a physical store which may have limited products. The company focuses on the cost and efficiency of delivery of their products and have plans of increasing their products to ten million.

Visit his LinkedIn:

OSI Group: The Story of Immigration and Economic Influence

Otto Kolschowsky migrated to America ten years before the end of World War I. It was a challenging and industrious time for America and the world. Otto lived in the West Side of Chicago in a community of German immigrants. He arrived in Chicago in 1907 and two years later he opened a small corner store butcher shop. He began selling prepared meats and ten years later he began selling meats wholesale. Otto had a family and after another ten years he would rename his business to Otto & Sons. Visit

The sons would take the family business from the west side of Chicago to a nationwide company. The McDonald’s Corporation would become its largest client to date. The meat processors would also service other clients from local restaurants to large scale gourmet establishments.

The business continued to grow and became an American economic staple for decades to come. The second World War brought more major changes. The industrial revolution expanded across the nation and economic opportunities were sky rocketing. The Otto & Sons family business is still a solid entity and another family business is about to explode on to the scene. The McDonald’s Corporation had its humble beginnings as an Iowa farm family. The fast food business is newly created and the collaboration of these to families will continue for many years to come. Otto & Sons will become the OSI Group Chaired by CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Lavin renamed the family business after helping to secure bank financing for business expansion. The OSI Group would go on to serve all the McDonald’s corporation beef patties processing. Lavin used flash freeze technology to quickly freeze the patties and make them ready for long distance travel. The OSI Group would also serve other large corporations including Burger King and Subway by also processing their meat products. The OSI Group is world recognized as the premier leader in sustainable food production.


OSI Group and McDonalds: The Future of Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships between companies go beyond business relations. The reasons why companies collaborate for more extended periods includes the similarities in belief systems and approach to business and ethics. OSI Group McDonalds partnership is a perfect example of the above description. The two entities have long working relationship stretching over decades. Why is OSI Group McDonalds partnership still strong?

There are many reasons why the two entities are still doing business together. First, OSI Group matches the big product demand of McDonald’s. The huge demand is because McDonald’s is one of the largest food outlets in the world. On the other hand, OSI Ground is one of the largest food products supplier in the world. This means therefore that OSI Group as a company can meet the food products demand of the large food outlet. Read more about OSI Group at Wikipedia.

Apart from the two having similar capacity, OSI Group McDonalds partnership continues to grow stronger due to the two companies similar approach to work ethics. As a customer-centered company, OSI Group views customers’ needs as very important. This helps the company to not only retain but also attract new customers. On the other hand, McDonald’s has a policy where the customer’s opinion is king. This approach by the two companies makes them more united (organically) away from business transactions.

OSI Group McDonalds partnership is also a product of the two companies approach to sustainability debate. As the world makes strides towards sustainability, the two companies have been consistent in making their products environmentally sustainable. The companies have better food production methods. With this approach, it is hard to separate the two companies’ visions on the future of production. This is because the vision of a sustainable world is identical to both companies.

In addition, OSI Group McDonalds partnership is a reality due to how the two companies treat communities. For example, McDonalds has over the years believed in giving back to the communities. Giving back not only makes the company resonate with people but also it is their corporate responsibility. On the other hand, OSI Group has many programs that enable the company to have an impact in different countries. The similarities of both companies on investing in people cement their partnership. Website:



Stock Analyst Paul Mampilly Says Take Advantage Of Tariff War

Today’s trade wars have become a thorn in the side of many industries, but according to one of the most trusted source of an investment advisers, guru Paul Mampilly says thanks to tariffs, many domestic companies have hauled in record sales. Even better, Mampilly points out that investors should be jumping on these opportunities.There is growth in many industries, including construction, electronics and aerospace, which requires lots of aluminum and steel. President Trump imposed a 25 percent tariff on steel, and 10 percent on aluminum. The United States had been importing four times more steel than it exported, which President Trump said resulted in unfair trade.

However, with the new tariffs imposed, the value of American steel and aluminum companies increased dramatically.Since his initial campaigning, Paul Mampilly points out, President Trump promised to rebuild the national steel industry, which Paul Mampilly believes has been mistreated by competitors, especially Canada and Asian countries. Canada was the main foreign steel supplier to the United States, and was responsible for 40 percent of aluminum imports before tariffs. Many in the US aluminum industry have asked for Canadian shipments to be exempt from tariffs, but that is unlikely to happen with this administration. And according to Paul Mampilly, stocks like Nucor are opportunities.

Why Invest In Industrial Opportunities?

Not sure why you should be looking at industrial opportunities? Paul Mampilly say it’s because of the growth trend. Domestic cities are expanding, which means growth in construction and a demand for building resources.One of the basic lessons when investing is diversification. By not putting all the eggs in the same basket it is possible to minimize the risk of volatility of a portfolio, says Mampilly.For the past 20 years, Paul Mampilly has been empowering investors with his insight on the market. As a part of Banyan Hill Publishing, he offers unrivaled analysis and advice. He’s one of the most respected advisers to a long list of loyal clients, and senior editor at Banyan Hill, known for his widely popular newsletters, Profits Unlimited and Rapid Profit Trader.You can keep up-to-date with his investment  tips and advice by visiting him on Facebook.