Betsy DeVos: Helping America Through Education Reform And Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is someone who has been fairly immersed in the field of education since the early days of her career and has been able to contribute an incredible amount to this fields as a result of her position as the Education Minister of the United States. Ever since taking over the position, Betsy DeVos has been able to apply many plans of action which have improved the quality of education that was being offered through schools in America.



Being a mother, DeVos knew the perils that parents face when trying to find a good school to send their children to. This was something that DeVos experienced herself when trying to find a good school to send her children too. It was during this time she realized the problems that lay in the public school system. Because public schools rely on taxpayers money, they often have challenges as a result of the number of students that they actually have. These students are not given the right kind of resources to be able to properly grow and develop their skills, and as a result, don’t end up reaching their maximum potential. Betsy DeVos was well aware of these challenges which is why she decided that she would work towards bringing about real change in society. Her goal was to be able to transform the school system in a way that could provide the best resources to students so that they can develop their skillsets in a better manner.



The charter school movement was one in which Betsy DeVos showcased her true passion for education reform. This was based on her idea that the school system needed to change and showcased her support with regards to charter school education.



In addition to her focus on education reform, Betsy DeVos has also actively tried to contribute to society in a positive manner. She mainly does this through the organization that she founded alongside her husband, Dick DeVos. Together, they help the needy in society to such a large extent that they have come to be known as two of the most charitable people in the country.



Betsy DeVos is someone who stands strong for the things that she believes in. One of these things is that children should be able to get proper education all over America. However, not all children are able to afford a good education, which is why Betsy DeVos offers scholarships to students to ensure that they always have access to good educational facilities.


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