Vijay Eswaran’s Involvement In Building Asian Economy Through QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran is the man behind the creation of QI Group, a company that has helped in shaping up the Asian Economy. He currently serves as the CEO of the business where he oversees the firm’s operations across the world. QI Group has always specialized in providing aid to people who aspire to start a business by offering marketing for the enterprise. It’s one thing to begin a business and its an entirely different case to market the business and let people know about the firm and what it offers.

QI group employs the usage of QNet, a company that sells cosmetic products, hand-held electronics, luxurious packages and beauty products, to sell their products. QI Group also manages QI Asset Management which is an arm of QI Group that has its own vacation resorts, offer credit and loan services for individuals and businesses and involves itself in the real estate business.

Ever since Vijay Eswaran founded the company, he has been spending most of his time to grow the company considering the unusual path he had to take when he wanted to start the firm. Vijay was born and raised in Malaysia, and he had an opportunity of attaining quality education from London School of Economics. After graduation, Vijay was sure that he was not going to be employed by anybody as he aimed at becoming his own boss.

He was not also sure of what career path he wanted to pursue and this led to him doing odd jobs to get some money to help in taking care of him. Some of these odd jobs include cab driving, binary marketing, and construction.

All these he did regardless of having a degree in Economics. He once worked in several IT firms as a consultant while doing multilevel marketing for side hustling. When he returned to Malaysia, he decided he was going to open up his own company, and indeed he opened up QI Group Ltd. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

The firm’s principal affiliate includes RHYTHM Foundation that is dedicated to taking care of the Asian Community through its support programs.

The foundation has offered numerous donations to charitable causes that aim at helping the less fortunate in the community. Vijay is known for appreciating his employees as he believes the company wouldn’t grow if the employees are not willing to work and he urges other employers to do the same.

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