Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

Many people find themselves in unmanageable debt at times and have no idea where to turn for help. Fortunately, there are companies designed to help relieve debt. Freedom Debt Relief helps people who are overburdened with debt. On their website Freedom Debt Relief offers testimonials and reviews from real people in order to give insight to their company and what they do to help.

According to see Freedom Debt Relief reviews, clients struggling with massive amounts of debt are often stressed out and overwhelmed. Freedom Debt Relief helps eliminate the stress by reducing client’s debts. The clients in the reviews all stated that they saw results after Freedom Debt Relief was involved and more information click here.

Instead of paying the minimum payment on several credit cards each month, Freedom Debt Relief clients deposit just one monthly payment and Freedom Debt Relief begins handling all negotiations  with creditors. Most people giving the reviews said that they no longer had to deal with harassing phone calls from creditors anymore. Some of the testimonials claimed that they had so many credit cards they couldn’t afford the minimum payment on all of them each month, and thus fell into a financial crisis. Freedom Debt Relief help resolve this problem by negotiating creditors to reduce the client’s debt and Freedom Debt Relief on Facebook.

Not only does Freedom Debt Relief take over handling their client’s debt, they also provide valuable information about how to break the cycle and continue to stay out of debt in the future. By educating their clients, Freedom Debt Relief is helping prevent clients from making the same mistakes time and again and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

The testimonials on the website are very helpful and inspiring to those who are experiencing the same stresses of being in debt. It is a relief to know that there is help available that actually works and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

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Josh Verne

Josh Verne is well-known as a entrepreneur. As co-founder and CEO of, he helped create a simplified way for people to make purchases. This convenient process was based on deductions.


The key to using deductions was that it allowed consumers to plan carefully and see where their money is going. Also, it eliminated the type of impulse purchasing that can happen in a traditional store. With, Verne gave people a way to plan and better control their finances.


Recently, on the Knowledge for Men podcast, Verne provided some great advice to help management-level businesspeople. Despite their simplicity, these tips encapsulate basic truths. They are a roadmap to a successful career, and fulfilling relationships.


The first is be a leader, not a boss. Verne understands that employees respond to leaders who demonstrate that they their best interests at heart. Rather than being a demanding figure, the feeling of mutuality and “we all win together” can carry a team through many challenges.


Secondly, Verne advises that people look for the win. It’s important to never agree to a win-lose deal. If there is not a win for everyone somewhere, reputation and morale will suffer. Determine beforehand that a lose will not be accepted, and the whole thought process behind negotiations changes. Thinking becomes more creative. Determining to be assertive is a great way to boost business.


Thirdly,JOsh Verne advises that managers stop speaking so much, and begin to listen. By speaking less, a manager can actually appear more authoritative. Instead of wading through a cacophony of noise, workers will listen up when the boss does speak.


Fourthly, Verne advises seeking balance. Without a healthy body and a good home-life, all the financial success in the world means nothing. Seek to make progress in all areas of life, not just one.


Finally, Verne advises finding a passion. Think of successful entrepreneurs who really changed their industries. These people know why they go to work every day. Pay attention to where motivation comes from. Honoring passions can translate into success in a way that feelings of drudgery never will.

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Chris Burch on Fashion, Technology and the Future

As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has the uncanny knack of knowing just what it takes to make an impression in the entrepreneurial world by seizing new market possibilities and then applying his skill to make them flourish. His tendency towards disruptive brands and businesses that leave lasting, positive impressions on consumer lives and his success with them proves beyond doubt this man is a master when it comes to business and isn’t afraid to think “way outside” the box.

Chris Burch ( believes that fashion and technology change at about the same pace and that by looking at the past, one can see the future and he’s right. Consider portable music. At one time, the only way to listen to music away from home was the car radio which was strictly AM long before FM came into being. Now fast forward to this decade and tiny devices such as the iPod with their ability to carry hundreds of songs at your disposal no matter where you are.

The blending of fashion and technology was bound to happen. Right now fashion designers miss no opportunity to blend them together into some of the most fantastic, wearable technology available to date. Take Anouk Wipprecht for example. This Dutch designer has actually created a drink-making dress she calls the DareDroid and another she calls Pseudomorphs, a self-painting dress. This proves the more advanced technology becomes, the more possibilities there are for the fashion industry.

Some items combine fashion and technology for our protection. One of them is an alternative to vision restricting bike helmets called the Airbag for Cyclists created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. It’s worn around the neck and when closed does not affect vision which is the opposite of most bike helmets. Another interesting tech/fashion combo is clothing able to capture the kinetic energy of movement to power small electronic devices. There is even an idea from Soledad Martin to power cell phones by collecting energy created by walking via specially designed shoes.

There are times technology gets help from fashion. Glasses used to be seen as a social stigma and to help overcome that as well as benefit Google Glass, designer Dian VonFurstenberg outfitted her models with them on the catwalk. The cost of Google Glass is prohibitive to say the least, but seeing models wear them with their expensive outfits makes them seem less so. Therefore, there is definitely a connection that proves fashion benefits technology as much as the other way around.

In a career that’s lasted nearly 4 decades so far, Chris Burch has been part of bringing more than 50 businesses into the world. His talent of connecting the right ideas to the best methods are part of the reason people such as Ellen DeGeneres trusts him to handle her ED line, and that’s just the beginning of famous names that have taken their ideas to Burch. He has proven his worth in the business world and his track record for success speaks for itself.