Get Great Cosmetics That Empower The Everyday Woman

Doe Deere never thought that her unconventional way of thinking of colors would be a huge success and contribute to an amazing line of cosmetics. Deere says, her goal is to empower women with their makeup and leave them feeling completely unapologetic. You get rich colors that compliment any mood and attire. You can choose from radical colors like metallic and sorbet that are unheard of with their competitors. Deere was the first of her kind to use a super-foil and velvetine matte base for her cosmetics. Lime Crime has empowered thousands of girls and guys around the world to be unique.

She got her start as a young professional in Russia popularizing novelty tattoos. She began to popularize them by wearing them herself. She began to notice that she had a product that her friends loved and this was the beginning of marketing. Deere, later moved to New York City and played a role in a rock band. She learned to appreciate individuals that came out to her events. She joined design school and decided to brand her famous cosmetic products under the Lime Crime name. Her goal was to get rid of the dull boring colors of the late 90’s.

Deere has played her part in the expansion of unique colors by branding a Scandal line that offers an amazing violet-hue lipstick shade that gives a perfected mold to your lips and eyelids. Her 2.4 million Instagram customers are thrilled with an expansion of the LC colors under the Scandal name. Deere has also created a brand of hair dyes that don’t include ammonia or bleach. You get a full 700 ml jar that offers you one application or two touch-ups. You get the same unique colors under the Lime Crime name that you’re use to.

You can learn more about their products by visiting their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers. You get a list of all their products under one unique tab. You can also visit YouTube for amazing tutorials from thousands of women around the world. They offer exciting ways on how to mix, match, and blend LC products. Their sister company Dolls Kills, gives you accessories, shoes, and clothing items that compliment LC products. Lime Crime caters to young professionals and busy entrepreneurs. You can become a part of the LC cosmetics with the benefits of changing your mood instantly with intricate colors that are not offered by their competitors.