An In-Depth Review Of Cone Marshall And Contribution Of Geoffrey Cone

Cone Marshall has been mentioned on different platforms for offering legal services that have attracted clients from both the local and international markets. The firm has been in the business since 1999 and has worked on both small and major cases involving financial litigation. Since inception, Cone Marshall has worked to ensure their system is designed to allow effective service delivery.

One of the recent changes the firm made include the addition of modern technological features that have allowed for better ways of managing processes. They have also invested in the acquisition of learning materials that have advanced the experience of lawyers in the company. Cone Marshall has ranked among the best performing law firms in New Zealand and has remained the best for commercial litigation in a period of more than one decade.

The leadership of the firm coupled with the good practices they have adopted over the years are some of the things that have steered Cone Marshall to the attainment of a top status in the market. With professionals like Karen Marshall who enjoy over two decades working on commercial litigation, Cone Marshall has enjoyed an advantage over others since the focus on the leadership has been drawn to enhancing the practice and ensuring the implementation of processes is handed over to people with the right skills.

Karen Marshall comes out as a prolific lawyer and someone who has been regarded as an elder in the firm for many years. Since she became part of Cone Marshall in 2005, she has shared ideas that have brought positive changes. She works closely with the management of the firm to correct vital parts of the executive team. Karen has also been a great advisor on matters management and she is committed to seeing changes that can elevate the firm to an international status.

Part of her experience comes from the more than 10 years she worked in London dealing with commercial litigation. She is also dedicated in her work, something that motivated the management of Cone Marshall to appoint her the Principal of the firm in 2006.

About Geoffrey Cone
Geoffrey Cone is a renowned litigator whose passion for law can be traced back to the University of Otago, from where he graduated with LLB honors. He also pursued a diploma in trust and tax laws, something that places him at a good position to handle Cone Marshall. Geoffrey Cone established Cone Marshall in 1999 after serving as a litigator in the British West Indies for a period of two years. Currently, Cone Marshall is the only law firm in New Zealand that has specialized in trust and tax planning. The firm also operates affiliates that offer other services like trustee and trust management.

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