EOS: Driving Growth in the Oral Care Market

According to a recent article posted in the Fast Company website, the oral care market is projected to reach $2 billion by the year 2020. The EOS brand has positioned itself as a beauty care item, and considers women to be their target demographic. They are at the forefront of the organic / natural skin care movement, and are very well positioned as a leader in this growing market segment. EOS, established about a decade ago, has been growing steadily, and according to that same Fast Company article, shifts about one million units per week. This brand is poised for much greater growth and continued success.

The oral care market was once the purview of stodgy brands such as Blistex and Chapstick, and little to no innovation occurred in the century that Chapstick dominated this market segment. When EOS entered the market, they saw that this product segment had a void in innovation and change, and set about to fill that space. Women that EOS polled prior to their start reported that they considered lip balm as part of their beauty routine, rather than a utilitarian product. EOS used this information to target women and to present their product as a beautifier in addition to a chapped lips healer.

Organic and all natural beauty products have been steadily gaining in use and popularity, and this trend works very much in EOS’s favor. The Well-known brand prides itself for their use of all natural and organic ingredients, and is very well placed for the ongoing growth of the organic beauty product market segment. It will be exciting to watch EOS as it continues to grow and to lead its market segment in organic beauty. Founded less than a decade ago, EOS is now second only to the Burt’s Bees line of lip balm.

EOS products are available on Target and Walmart stores. Online stores Amazon and eBay have EOS lip balm products too.