Boost Online Reputation With Video

Marketers agree that a positive online Reputation Defender is the key to long lasting success on the Internet. Problems arise because negative remarks surface on the top search engines about the company. Those negative remarks could instantly destroy a company’s brand-name and reputation because people use those top search engines to find out information about products and services. A searcher that discovers those negative comments is going to avoid their company. However, there are tools to fight back and push down those negative comments. One interesting tool is using video to boost an online reputation.

Online Video

Of course,a poor quality video only adds to the negative feelings already in play about a company. Here is something that is interesting to note for online marketers. The majority of people visit a site to check out the videos. In fact, it is predicted that nearly 75 percent of online traffic in 2017 will probably be due to videos.

Videos That Boost Online Reputations

Of course, it is irresponsible to place just any type of low quality video up on a company website. The key to success is to create high quality branded videos that discuss the company or business in a positive way. For example, interviews with company founders, how to videos, videos that capture behind the scenes action, a video about new products or services. In addition, it is important to constantly add new video content to keep the viewers engaged and up to date with the company. Updated, fresh content should encourage those website visitors to return for more high quality videos produced by the company.

Marketing Video

After producing high quality video to boost the company’s online reputation, it is time to start marketing that video. The easiest course of action is to use the tools at hand. Upload the videos on the company’s social media sites to share with the company’s followers. Add the video to the company’s blog or website.  These are all great ways to get the word out about the video and boost the company’s online reputation.