Norman Pattiz Announces His New Podcast

Paranormal research is the latest topic to get itself a podcast. According to a December 19, 2016 PR Newswire press release, WWE star and podcast entrepreneur Chris Jericho has added a podcast with supernatural themes to his network lineup. To be called Beyond The Darkness, the podcast will cover reports and findings on everything from monster sightings to angel encounters, and will be hosted and produced by author Dave Schrader and radio producer and host Tim Dennis. Both men are well known within the paranormal investigative field, and are expected to bring a professional and thoughtful touch to the airings. New episodes will be aired on Mondays, and can be heard over, its app and iTunes. Chris Jericho began airing wrestling themed podcasts on The Jericho Network over, and quickly began adding broadcasts featuring comedians. Beyond The Darkness is his latest podcast venture for’s founder and executive chairman Norman Pattiz indicated in the press release that he was excited about the upcoming series, and felt that Jericho had become an important part of The podcast network is America’s largest, and in addition to Jericho, features programs produced/hosted by celebrities like Dr. Drew, Neil Strauss, Gabrielle Reece, Penn Jillette, and Shaquille O’Neal among many others. And it certainly makes sense that Norman Pattiz would be the one to assemble all of this talent in one location.


Pattiz is the entrepreneurial broadcaster who in 1976 started a small radio company from a one-roomed office in a suburb of Los Angeles. Named Westwood One, the company grew over time to be the nation’s largest single radio network, and America’s largest provider of radio broadcast services, ranging from live local traffic reports to nationally syndicated shows like Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. Westwood One is also one of the country’s largest suppliers of sporting events, local programming, and syndicated shows to television stations. Pattiz has long been a major presence in both local and national broadcasting, and among his contributions over the years has been an appointment to the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which provides non-military broadcasting services to countries outside of the United States. While serving on the BBG, Pattiz was the chairman of its Middle Eastern committee. He currently serves as a regent for the University of California’s Department of Energy, and on the board of the University of Southern California’s Department of Communications.

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