Adam Milstein Strengthens His Israeli Heritage in the United States

Adam Milstein puts his boundless energy into his Israeli-American cultural heritage. Born in Haifa, Israel, Milstein immigrated to the United States where he flourished as a real estate investor. He completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, and he enjoys mentoring Jewish small businesses and nonprofits.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation

Adam and Gila Milstein incorporated their Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000 to strengthen their American-Israeli Jewish roots. Milstein’s Foundation invests in and stays involved in the Jewish nonprofits, programs, and projects it funds. The Milstein Family Foundation supports the following organizations for Jewish College students:

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity
  • Chabad of Stanford University
  • Hasbara fellowships
  • Jewish Graduate Student Initiative
  • Jewish Awareness Movement

Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life

In 2016, The Algemeiner Jewish newspaper named Adam Milstein one of the “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life.” The Algemeiner recognized Milstein as a positive force improving the quality of Jewish life in the United States and Israel. His philanthropic foundation successfully transforms the lives of American Jews. Milstein invests in the following organizations:

  • Bizrael trips, programs, and events
  • American Society for Yad Vashem
  • American Friends of Mager David Odom
  • Hasbara Fellowships
  • Committee for Middle East Reporting
  • Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Cultural Heritage

The Adam Milstein Family Foundation teaches young emerging leaders the high ethical standards and proud traditions of Jews in Israel. It’s exhilarating to see great work performed by Jews internationally. The Milstein family promotes the use of the Hebrew language in the United States and sends 15,000 Israeli-Jewish-American magazines to its members annually.

His Voice

Adam Milstein’s activist voice flows with motivational words and political views. He posts and tweets hundreds of inspirational messages to tens of thousands of people daily. He won’t hesitate to share his position on conversational news copy.

Untold News

Untold News uses media to intrigue and inform the Jewish millennial about Israeli innovation. Taglit Birthrights Israel encourages every young Jew to make an educational trip to Israel. The Israel on Campus Coalition engages college professors to create positive change for their students.

Jose Auriemo Neto is in Charge of Strategic Expansion Plans of JHSF

JHSF runs successful real estate businesses, shopping complexes, upscale hotels, and a prestigious airport. Launched in 1972, the real estate champion is respected for its ability to tap into profitable business opportunities. JHSF avails enough resources and infrastructures to its highly competent professionals to help them in developing sustainable solutions and addressing the needs of clients.

JHSF has opened several shopping centers, 5-star hotels & restaurants, and rental spaces in Brazil. The firm launched its first Sao Paolo-based airport in 2016. It constructed its first shopping complex in 2001, and it has expanded the retail business to Sao Roque, Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paolo. JHSF has designed these shopping complexes to meet the global standards by incorporating modern features, including spacious parking lots, natural lighting, and gardens.

JHSF sold assets worth $461 million in 2016

JHSF Participacoes SA pocketed $461 from asset sales in 2016. The firm sold 33 percent of its shares in Cidade Jardim, a top shopping mall in Brazil. Since making inroads in the Portuguese-speaking nation, the buyer, which is a subsidiary of Israeli-based Gazit Globe Ltd, has been purchasing malls in Sao Paolo. In early 2016, JHSF Participacoes sold Shopping Center Metro Tucuruvi as well as assets outside Brazil. Proceeds generated from the transaction were used to strengthen the capital structure of the company.

Jose Auriemo

Jose Auriemo serves in the capacity of CEO and head of operations at JHSF. He replaced his dad, Fabio Auriemo, as the head of the real estate company. JHSF Participacoes has stayed at the top of the real estate sector thanks to Jose Auriemo’s wisdom and ability to invest heavily in new investment opportunities. He is a strong advocate of teamwork and innovation within the workplace. He values the contribution of each employee towards the development of the firm.

Apart from his daily involvement in the running of JHSF, Jose Auriemo also provides advisory services. He is excelling in managing the growth of commercial properties and shopping complexes. He has grasped the ins and outs of the real estate sector during his more than 20 years tenure at JHSF.

Jason Halpern and His JMH Development Contribute to Nature in an Innovative Way

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

Jason Halpern is known as the Founder and the Principal of JMH Development, a major real estate firm based in New York. He is predominantly known for his innovative ways to renovate buildings in historic places without losing its value. Halpern and JMH contribute to nature by protecting the existing ones and reducing the harnessing of natural resources or polluting the environment. Since his family is into real estate development for decades, he has a greater understanding of growing needs and the importance of preserving the existing ones without losing its uniqueness. Halpern and his team have renovated a number of projects, in which, some of them are more than a century old.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

The prominent one is 184 Kent, a waterfront warehouse originally constructed in 1913. JMH Development converted this building located in Brooklyn to a 340 unit luxury apartment for rental. Halpern was very specific to retain the historical integrity of the building, and his efforts have paid well as the building is currently on the National Register maintained for Historic Places. Interestingly, the building received Building Brooklyn Award – 2011 under the category of adaptive reuse. There are also many more projects similar to 184 Kent that give optimal use and reuse. Starwood Aloft hotel developed by JMH Development was a historic motel in Ankara, Florida; Halpern and his team renovated the motel and built a new eight-story building to convert it into an impressive beachside hotel. There are also renovation and development stories like The Townhouses of Cobble, LIC Hilton Hotels, Hill Three Hundred Collins, 70 Henry, and more.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

The development model of Halpern has appreciated by many industry experts, and he is recognized by various industrial bodies. The Starwood Aloft hotel received Lodging Investment Summit Award – 2015 for limited service development. Jason is focused on both residential and commercial developments which are driven by high-quality and customization considering the expectation of the customers. As a leader in constructing distinctive properties, JMH has grown across the U.S. under the leadership of Halpern. His insights have significantly helped the firm to identify the values of various properties, and Halpern had developed a niche over the years of renovating historically important buildings.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

Jason has also involved in philanthropic activities apart from sustainable development projects. He is the primary contributor of Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center under Westchester Medical Center. The Trauma Center is capable of handling open heart surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, fixing of severed limbs, and emergency neurosurgery. Additionally, the center is equipped with treating burn patients, critical internal injuries, children, and pregnant women. Halpern initiated philanthropic activities as part of JMH Development as well and contributes to global clean water charity called “water.” The firm made a commitment that it would donate $20,000 per each successful contract to the non-profit organization to provide clean and safe water to Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.


Construcap Growth Helps Others

Giving back to the community is an important part of any business. Over the years, Construcap has proven this is an integral part of their business model on With the rapid growth of real estate in Brazil, this company is making more money than ever before. However, the company is still finding time to invest in others. One of the latest projects is to build schools in local areas that are overcrowded. This is something that is a huge need in Brazil right now.


When the company was started, no one ever thought that Construcap would get to where it is today. The leaders of the company always focused on the customer, and as Brazil grew Construcap grew along with it. Over time, this is a great company to work for because they truly value customers in a number of ways. Not only do they provide great customer service, but they are also able to take things to a new level with their real estate design process on This is where the company develops housing plans online and sells them to customers for a fraction of the price.

Growth Plans

If Brazil continues to grow at its current rate, many people think that Construcap will be one of the largest real estate companies in the world one day. The company must scale up its infrastructure in order to meet the needs of clients. The good news is that the real estate boom looks like it is here to stay. Many people in Brazil are excited about all of the positive changes that Construcap is making to the local community.

Learn more about Construcap:

Sam Boraie Is More Than A Real Estate Developer

Northern New Jersey sits in the shadow of New York City. Many of the people that work in New York live in New Jersey. But for years, cities like Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City, and New Brunswick were considered uninhabitable. Crime and poverty turned those cities into third-world wrecks that offering nothing and cost millions to support. New Brunswick, New Jersey has always been considered a diamond in the rough, but developers and real estate professionals stayed away from the devastation. No one saw the opportunities that existed in New Brunswick even though the city was the headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest family-run corporations in the United States. New Brunswick is also the home of Rutgers University. Rutgers was founded in New Brunswick in the late 1600s.

But one developer knew what New Brunswick had to offer when the downtown area looked like a bombed Middle Eastern city. That man is Sam Boraie. Boraie Development LLC started buying vacant properties in downtown New Brunswick in the early 1970s. The Boraie mission was to rescue New Brunswick from the poverty and crime that destroyed downtown.

Read more: Sam Boraie – Vice President @ Boraie Development

Boraie Development’s first project was the 250,000 square foot office building called Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Albany Street Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1980s, and it was a real work of art. Businesses started renting space from the Boraie management company, and it was game on for Sam Boraie. Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was completed in 2003. That office building was another hit for Boraie. New Brunswick was waking up from a three-decade sleep and Boraie Development was the prime motivator. Boraie decided to build the One Spring Street Condominium building so people could live downtown. Thanks to Boraie, modern retail space was available. The city helped promote downtown living, so Boraie thought a New York-style luxury condo building would work. The Aspire Building was Sam Boraie’s idea of a luxury high-rise that professional would enjoy, and he was right.

New Brunswick is thriving thanks to Sam Boraie and others, but Sam didn’t just focus on his home city. Sam Boraie did work in Newark with the basketball star, Shaq O’Neil. The One Riverview Building is the project that brought New Yorkers over to Newark to live. Boraie also developed parts of Atlantic City. Atlantic City is another New Jersey city that has been up and down over the last three decades.

But Sam Boraie is also involved in a project that helps feed the needy. Boraie is on the board of the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the homeless with a café, a soup kitchen, and a catering service. Sam is also on the Advisory Board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater is considered a cultural landmark in New Brunswick. The State Theater’s educational programs help more than 30,000 students every year. Sam Boraie is one of the people that supports the programs offered by the State Theater through his generous contributions. Boraie is considered a State Theater sustaining partner.

Read more about Sam Boraie on NJ

TOWN Residential Moves Toward More Success

TOWN Residential is the picture of success. They are a company that is in a really tough market and they have proven themselves to be one of the best over the short period of time that they have been in business. It has allowed them the chance to constantly improve and offer more opportunities for their clients.


The customer service that the professionals at TOWN Residential have is much better than any of the other real estate companies in the New York City real estate market. They have worked hard to be as professional as possible and it has truly paid off for them as a company. When they first started, they knew that they wanted to make sure that all of their clients were getting the most out of the business. This has allowed them the chance to make things better and to move toward even more success. They know that they are able to give their clients something special in the services that they have.


New York City residents are looking for luxury. They often know that they will not be able to get the space that they need in New York City so they compromise for small spaces that are ostentatiously luxurious. This means that TOWN Residential needs to find and provide the most luxurious spaces for all of the clients that they have. They want to be able to show their clients spaces that provide luxury because they know that this is what will satisfy the clients. It will give them a chance to make things better for their business.


It has only been three years since TOWN Residential opened its first office. In that time, they have managed to do much more than any other real estate agency that is in New York City. They have made sure that they are doing the most for their clients and this has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way. It has allowed them to see what things truly are like and has given them a chance to move forward with the business.


Even though they have only been in business for three years, they now have ten offices. This is uncommon for businesses in New York City that often struggle with only one office in the real estate sector. Since they have been so successful, they have worked to create offices in areas that work for their clients. They know that they will be able to give them the best chance possible if they are in the areas that their clients are located in. This is a direct indicator of the success that they plan to have in the future.