How Working As A Wine Guide Can Be Fun And Lucrative

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells wine through a national network of independent Wine Guides. Each Wine Guide is in control of their business and determines how often, when, and where they work.

The role of a Wine Guide is to arrange wine tastings in a client’s home which provide them and their guests with the opportunity to try out some of Traveling Vineyard’s wine selection. After the event, the client and guests can sign up to have their favorites shipped to their home on either a one-time or regular basis.

As an independent contractor, Wine Guides are free to set their schedule and work as much or as little as they desire. While some become Wine Guides just to pick up some extra money for gifts and vacations, others make it their full-time career. An ambitious Wine Guide can even develop their own network of Wine Guide’s working for them further propelling their professional success.

When becoming a Wine Guide, the applicant receives a Success Kit in the mail which includes everything they need to get started. The kit includes sign up forms, marketing material, wine accessories, traveling containers, wine tasting glasses, and enough bottles of wine for their first two wine tastings. The Success Kit also contains a cheat sheet to the wines in order to help the Wine Guide’s knowledge about them. Traveling Vineyard also operates an online training program which not only teaches Wine Guides more about wine but also tips and guidelines to running a successful business.

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