Understanding The Technical Setup And Achievements Attained By IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is an established facilities management and technical services provider with over 2,000 employees based in over 25 countries across the worlds. IAP offers solutions to public and private sector customers and helps them tackle the most challenging tasks. The company deals with unexpected occurrences and works well on disaster prone areas as well as overseas battlefields, and they are always prepared to face the moment on notice.

With massive experience and tools to manage, coordinate and execute complex procedures to handle challenges, they have stood out in the industry and have remained the perfect choice for the U.S. Army, especially those based overseas.

Aviation support services
One of the biggest achievements IAP Worldwide Services has made is getting the ability to support and manage aviation operations. They offer maintenance and support services and are well prepared to tackle emergencies.

The company also applies adaptability to enhance service delivery and quality and ensure efficiency in a cost effective manner. The track record of the company is proven and highlights their advanced technical infrastructure that has been key in the execution of their missions.

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Communications and network
IAP Worldwide Services also caters for communication and network needs presented by their customers. This is a broad area that stretches from the provision of cyber systems security to IT infrastructure services. The company maintains a team of experts in data communications and network systems that offers communications and information solutions that are targeted at enhancing the performance of their clients’ systems.

Notable achievements
Along the way, IAP Worldwide Services has achieved many things, among them the acquisition of businesses that have helped to increase its addressable market. As PR Newswire highlights in a publication, the company has acquired more than one businesses in a bid to enhance their services delivery.

One example is the 2006 acquisition of G3 Systems, a UK-based company that offers engineering services to both the government and international clients. This step not only increased the addressable market of IAP but also injected new expertise that would broaden their scope of operations. In 2014, IAP Worldwide Services engaged in an exercise that led to the reshuffle of the company to increase the number of employees to over 1600 and have their presence in more than 20 countries.

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