How Fabletics Customizes the User Experience

One of the companies that has recently made waves in not only the world of active wear but the online retail space is Fabletics. The company is a brainchild of actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson and since its launch three years ago has had immediate success in generating an excited and loyal fan base across the globe.


In a CNBC article, Hudson was recently featured discussing some of the reasons her company has been so successful as well as her tips for other businesses that want to follow in the same footsteps. First, she outlined the need to look for marketing opportunities. Fabletics came into the market during a time when well-made active wear that was stylish was in high demand. However, the market was already inundated with companies serving up active wear at a particularly high price point, which clearly wasn’t feasible for many of us.


Fabletics offered stylish active apparel at a moderate price point, meaning it was available on a wider scale. By finding this marketing opportunity, the company saw huge success even in its earliest chapters. Hudson also went on to detail how important taking risks and believing in yourself are to any venture – a key lesson for anyone wanting to launch a new brand.


What was very interesting was her point that stated the importance of utilizing big data in today’s digital world. Fabletics stands out as a brand that is incredibly digitally advanced. In fact, the company uses a reverse showroom technique to put the focus on the digital “showroom” rather than focusing on opening a line of stores that have higher costs associated with a physical location.


The reverse showroom also helps create a more customized experience for the individual buyer. If you haven’t visited the website, I encourage you to check out their fun Lifestyle Quiz. Just a few questions generates a profile based on your tastes and athletic preferences that is completely unique to each user. So, instead of walking into a store that is set up for who each company thinks their user is, every outfit you receive from Fabletics is customized specifically to your user profile.


Today’s typical shopper browses stores and then goes to look for a discount online. With this reverse storeroom technique, everything is tailored right to you – giving the buyer the utmost benefit and lack of hassle in the buying process. This is one reason why Fabletics has soared to the top of the market and is beating out online wholesalers such as Amazon.