How OSI Group Helped Build America

OSI was originally a family owned meat deli located in the suburbs of Chicago. From Aurora, Illinois the founder of that meat deli, Otto Kolschowsky, worked with his two sons to make the business into something bigger. Their ambition paid off and eventually OSI turned itself into one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. Across the world you can find people enjoying meat products supplied by the processing plants of OSI Group.

Fresh Meat For Everyone

Thanks to the proliferation of American fast food, OSI Group enjoys business on a global scale. Whenever companies like Mcdonald’s and Subway are in need of fresh meat, they turn to OSI Group to supply them. OSI Group’s success stems from its early and extensive use of cryogenics to preserve meat. At a time when most meat processors needed to constantly supply fresh meat, this made the company an attractive business partner for fast food franchises. Outside of meat OSI Group also supplies its clients with frozen vegetables and dough. That versatility is exactly why OSI Group is as successful as it is.

A Reputation For Excellence

OSI Group has a reputation for excellence and has received awards for its quality. Currently, the corporation is one of the 100 largest privately owned businesses. It generates billions in revenue and supplies jobs to thousands of hard working Americans. The meat processing industry is one of the most important challenging parts of the American economy. It isn’t easy to build a successful business, but OSI Group has managed to stay in business over the course of decades. In fact, it is now nearing 110 years of providing the world with quality meat. There simply is no comparison with anyone else in the meat industry.

Putting Workers First

OSI Group wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t care for its workers. The safety and well being of the hard workers responsible for making OSI Group tick is exactly why the company has prospered for so many years. The standards and caution OSI Group takes has even won the company awards for safety. Last year, it received the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. The key to success for any large company is to always remember the people who helped you reach the top. At OSI Group, that lesson is still remembered.

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