Nurturing your creative spirit

Bridget Scarr is not your typical entrepreneur. She has a broad range of experience. She was Co founder of LivRe VR, a start up company connecting audiences with the Virtual Reality technology in a way that makes them comfortable and engaged. Ms. Scarr is also a Partner and Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media. She currently heads up the content development, strategy and partnerships at Colibri Studios. She is an experienced Executive Producer with over 15 years in television and advertising. Colibri Studios provides a place to house all her ideas under one roof.


She is very interested in Virtual Reality right now but not in the typical gaming platform that most think about. Her vision sees the possibilities for VA affecting people and their lives in positive ways. The possibilities for the impact it could have on education are endless. She also sees uses in healing and possibly granting a dying patient their last wish.


She looks at her life and her work in a very unique way. She starts each day with meditation which helps her focus. She believes in taking time out and feels it nurtures her creative spirit and being out in nature grounds her. She displays gratefulness for everything she has. Creativity has provided her a freedom of expression which she greatly appreciates. She loves her family and provides the time and attention to nurture the relationships. A time out is not a bad thing in Bridget’s vocabulary. She takes a time out to laugh and play with her son. It reenergizes her and provides inspiration.


Bridget has seen hard times financially and emotionally. Her passion for life and her creative spirit got her through these times as well as the love and support of her family. She moved past all of it to find success and maybe a greater appreciation for all she has.


As if her work didn’t give her enough of a creative outlet she also has endeavors outside of her television projects. She is currently writing her first novel and an album. If mediation can fuel this kind of creativity I think we should all be practicing.


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