Sam Boraie Is More Than A Real Estate Developer

Northern New Jersey sits in the shadow of New York City. Many of the people that work in New York live in New Jersey. But for years, cities like Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City, and New Brunswick were considered uninhabitable. Crime and poverty turned those cities into third-world wrecks that offering nothing and cost millions to support. New Brunswick, New Jersey has always been considered a diamond in the rough, but developers and real estate professionals stayed away from the devastation. No one saw the opportunities that existed in New Brunswick even though the city was the headquarters of Johnson and Johnson, one of the largest family-run corporations in the United States. New Brunswick is also the home of Rutgers University. Rutgers was founded in New Brunswick in the late 1600s.

But one developer knew what New Brunswick had to offer when the downtown area looked like a bombed Middle Eastern city. That man is Sam Boraie. Boraie Development LLC started buying vacant properties in downtown New Brunswick in the early 1970s. The Boraie mission was to rescue New Brunswick from the poverty and crime that destroyed downtown.

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Boraie Development’s first project was the 250,000 square foot office building called Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Albany Street Plaza Tower One was completed in the 1980s, and it was a real work of art. Businesses started renting space from the Boraie management company, and it was game on for Sam Boraie. Albany Street Plaza Tower Two was completed in 2003. That office building was another hit for Boraie. New Brunswick was waking up from a three-decade sleep and Boraie Development was the prime motivator. Boraie decided to build the One Spring Street Condominium building so people could live downtown. Thanks to Boraie, modern retail space was available. The city helped promote downtown living, so Boraie thought a New York-style luxury condo building would work. The Aspire Building was Sam Boraie’s idea of a luxury high-rise that professional would enjoy, and he was right.

New Brunswick is thriving thanks to Sam Boraie and others, but Sam didn’t just focus on his home city. Sam Boraie did work in Newark with the basketball star, Shaq O’Neil. The One Riverview Building is the project that brought New Yorkers over to Newark to live. Boraie also developed parts of Atlantic City. Atlantic City is another New Jersey city that has been up and down over the last three decades.

But Sam Boraie is also involved in a project that helps feed the needy. Boraie is on the board of the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise helps feed the homeless with a café, a soup kitchen, and a catering service. Sam is also on the Advisory Board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater is considered a cultural landmark in New Brunswick. The State Theater’s educational programs help more than 30,000 students every year. Sam Boraie is one of the people that supports the programs offered by the State Theater through his generous contributions. Boraie is considered a State Theater sustaining partner.

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