The Successful career of Richard Liu Qiangdong in the e-commerce Business

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the owner and the creator of, a top e-commerce business in China. Liu serves as the CEO of the company since he founded the company in 2004. He has more than 15 years’ e-commerce business experience. In 2007, Richard Liu Qiangdong realized that the e-commerce business would do better with the services of the logistics companies that deliver goods to every corner of the country. Being a smart businessman, Liu started his logistics company that will deliver the goods throughout the country without damaging them. The company had more than 3,210 pickups that delivered goods to the 1862 counties in China by December 2014.

In 1996, Richard Liu earned a degree in Sociology from Renmin University. While studying in the university, he was focused on computer programming where he did freelance work to improve his skills and provide for his upkeep.

From an interview he had in Dallas during the Annual Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that he started his offline shop business selling magneto-optical products in China and the business had twelve centers in operation by 2003. But in the same year, SARS breakout stopped his workers from operating the businesses, so he was forced to focus on online business that he thinks is effective and easy to run. He then founded, named it from the characters of his name and his ex-girlfriends name. The company was doing well, and he decided to shut down all the sores by 2005 completely.

In the there are 500 logistic centers and the company offers correct information with regards to goods delivery time. There is a 3-3-1 delivery system in Beijing that ensures when a person orders goods in Beijing before eleven Oclock, they are delivered before five o’clock, and if orders placed before five o’clock they will be delivered before ten o’clock, and the goods ordered before ten O’clock will be delivered early in the following morning. Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that has a wide range of products that one can choose from unlike selecting them in a physical store which may have limited products. The company focuses on the cost and efficiency of delivery of their products and have plans of increasing their products to ten million.

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